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God Within Us

The ability of God to plant himself within the flesh of humankind was an attribute of God from the beginning, so in a very real sense we were with God from the beginning. 188 more words


The Power of Gratitude

Holding Much Gratitude in our Hearts
Finds the Beauty that unquestionably knows
the Key to the Eternal Divine.


Photography/ “The Power of Gratitude” 2014©AmyRose


Little Steps #1

Today I am taking one of the first steps towards my conscious awakening. This blog will serve as a way for me to express myself, make discoveries, and develop a sense of self-awareness. 65 more words


The Question For You Is...

…DO YOU SURVIVE DEATH? After your life is over, do you then earn the right to a period of R&R in the ‘Afterlife’ before you are once again reincarnated – or is it the case that when your life ends you are immediately reincarnated, as was the storyline in… 352 more words

Conscious Awareness

Effectively Detox GMOs and Other Harmful Substances

In a world over-run with Big Ag chemical residues and genetically modified crops (80% or more of various crops are genetically modified), it is more important than ever to learn how to potentially rid your body of these toxic creations. 878 more words


The Gift Beyond All Others

To be seen for who you are
and not who this world says you are
is a Gift beyond all others.


iPad Photography/ “The Gift Beyond All Others” 2014©AmyRose 7 more words


Doorways in the wake of sleep

In dreamy reverie I rise and on my thoughts perch
A string of fatigue tugs at my soul, anchoring me
The auroral visions of yonder promise to end my search… 125 more words

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