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POSTCARD #89: Delhi: Why is it that the back of somebody’s head is so much like a closed door? I’m standing in a line of people in the food store waiting with my purchases for my turn to pay at the check-out. 655 more words


Just let Go and Be Yourself

I WAS VERY IMPRESSED with an article I read recently in One ~ A Survival Guide for the future written by Andrew Martin. Seeing as the article was free to share on Social Media, I opted instead to share it here, that is after doing a little bit of editing, adding and subtracting as I usually do, to keep it in tune with the message I’m trying to convey in Mind WorX. 356 more words

Conscious Awareness

Wings and Pretty Things....


Brilliance floats on the wind

as fluttering, you brush my hand.

Glints of sunlight shimmer and gleam

though all the color is not as it seems… 364 more words

Costa Rica

Who Do You Think You Are?

YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR WORLD and that primarily determines who you think you are. This belief about who you ‘THINK’ you are helps to placate your fears of your own mortality – of not being anymore – and re-enforces your fervent, although misguided hope and faith that you will continue on forever as a separate individual. 322 more words

Conscious Awareness

A Key to Clearly See (4 MACROS)

The chaos and clamor
so evident on earth today
  50 more words