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New restaurant is the conscious consumer's dream

A new burger restaurant has opened near my home in Bonn’s district of Bad Godesberg. Its name: Godesburger (see what they did there?) and it has a lot more than just a clever name going for it. 554 more words

Five Foods That Are Cheaper to Make Yourself

I’m afraid that when I start on an interest, most of the time it becomes an Interest with a capital I and I end up going to lengths that some (members of the family) might find somewhat ridiculous. 690 more words

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Best Food Budget Advice - Price List

Have you ever looked at ‘specials’ advertised in shops and wondered if they really are a good deal? Or inwardly stewed for a time after finding the exact item in a shop that you paid three times as much money for elsewhere? 1,261 more words

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Just how expensive is baby food?

I’ll say at the beginning that the act of buying baby food bemuses me more than a little. But then again, I’ve grown up in a household where cooking all ones’ meals is completely normal, where we were given all foods as little people, and where my toddler now eats everything from broccoli to sauerkraut simply because she has been exposed to it. 549 more words


A New P.O.V.: Bliss and Gratitude

For a week and a half, I have been experimenting with eliminating sugar, starch, dairy, soy, all non-fibrous grains, beans… ¬†Pretty much everything except for protein and vegetables in order to sort out some digestive conundrums. ¬† 399 more words


How 'clean' are these cosmetics?

My household has been hearing a lot about body burden lately. Never, repeat never, go to a week long course with a number of toxicologists if you want to stay blissfully ignorant of this term. 1,138 more words

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20 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

Join The Fight Against Human Trafficking

I say this often, but it bears repeating. Human trafficking for illegal labor and sex is one of the most hidden and prevalent atrocities currently being committed against those without economic choice. 689 more words