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Style and substance

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  – William Morris

For a long time, I swore that I was someone who values substance over style and function over form. 

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Conscious Consumption

Pandora from Avatar, the ultimate Sattvic Planet

They say that timing is everything, and in the world of writing I find this to be true. I try and time my articles to coincide with current events so that the topic will be easier for people to relate to. 969 more words


The tale of two chairs

As mentioned in my last post, fuelled by a heady combination of Pinterest and ‘Fill Your House For Free‘, I’ve taken to upcycling in rather a manic way. 578 more words


Holonomic Thinking and Service Design

I would like to start this post by letting those of you in Brazil know that this year’s Service Design Talks will be on 4th October in São Paulo. 1,208 more words


To someone else, you are the Joneses

We’ve all got the Joneses in our lives.  Perhaps it’s your old college friend who now drives a shiny BMW, your former co-worker who constantly Instagrams her exotic luxury vacations, or that frenemy who loves to show off her designer duds and jewelry.   390 more words


Bloomberg Radio Interview- Arthur Weissman's Book

By Lisa Nash, Green Seal Administrative Assistant

I am the video creator of the recent Youtube video (below) that accompanies a Bloomberg Radio interview of Green Seal’s President and CEO, Arthur Weissman, as he discusses his new book… 344 more words

Conscious Consumption

Sewing machine repair

I started today by biking to the thrift store for a return.  I was thinking that I’d get it out of the way so I wouldn’t have to go and be tempted during No Spend September.  471 more words

Conscious Consumption