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The Habits of Successful Inventors, Part 2

As I finished the last post, The Habits of Successful Inventors, I immediately realized there was more to be written on the topic.

I discussed how successful inventors have behaviors, different from typical workers, that  serve them quite well: 384 more words


Hypnotherapy Helps Create Optimism Through Understanding the Perfection on a Deep Level

Are you an optimist? Can you see the “best” in every situation? Or, like me, do you sometimes struggle to find the best in something that’s happening in your life? 365 more words


your world beginning | there's never a dream i need to be

an empty room
a distant memory;
everybody has somebody
to leave behind …

there’s never a dream i need to be


The Habits of Successful Inventors

Successful Inventors Think Differently

Our habits are like our clothing: they “fit” us and we become accustomed and comfortable with them. The habits may or may not be good or productive ones; our comfort with them remains. 724 more words


your world beginning | there's never a dream i need to follow

a darkness

ahead; and a winter’s cold night …

there’s never a dream i need to follow,

motivational speakers

coaching seminars

life plans and aspirations… 12 more words

How Many Opposites Are You Holding in Your Life? Hypnotherapy Embraces Holding Opposites!

Are you aware of all the opposites you are holding in your life? Just take a few moments to tune in, and see how many opposites you are holding. 318 more words


'GETTING IN TOUCH WITH SELF'. A simple meditation for everyone.

Hello everyone. This is a simple meditation from my book that anyone can do without years of training. Let’s not even call it a meditation. We’re simply sitting quietly and allowing ourselves to align with higher consciousness. 229 more words