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Remaining In Love: 5 Aspects of a Solid Relationship

Remaining In Love: 5 Aspects of a Solid Relationship

By Sarah Voldeng

“Along with the regular necessary ingredients such as love, intimacy, trust and commitment, there are 5 key elements to creating and sustaining a loving and lasting relationship.” 9 more words

10 Questions to Ask If You Want to Go Deep In Your Relationship

Nowadays, many problems are swept under the rug rather than addressed head on.  However, if you’re looking to dive deeper into your existing relationship, then it’s time to start asking some important questions. 2,196 more words

How Do You Share Money in Relationship?

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In your relationship, has money ever been a source of tension, turmoil, or disagreements? You are not alone. 604 more words

Juna Mustad

Mind versus Heart - Should I get back together with him? - Tiny Buddha

“Hello everyone,
A year ago, my live-in boyfriend of 4 years, ended our relationship. He claimed that he “wasn’t ready for his wife”, basically he wanted to sleep with other people. 15 more words