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Small in body, Grand in Spirit!

In the words of one of my Radiant Child Yoga students…..

“Children show us what truth is on a daily basis, as they aren’t inhibited by what standards or rules society has brainwashed us to follow. 112 more words


The Seven Lies of Marriage

Couples therapist and author John W. Jacobs, M.D., has found a pattern in the people he counsels: Their expectations of marriage are often so unrealistic that even the strongest of relationships doesn’t stand a chance. 1,751 more words


The Secret Sauce to Attracting a Conscious Partnership

I know way too many  (and I mean WAYYYY TOO MANY) singles who desire to attract a great relationship and only focus on strategies – actions undertaken to achieve an aim or goal. 1,622 more words


A spiritual partnership is merely a lump of coal that…

I know all this spiritual talk must sound esoteric mumbo jumbo but frankly I think everyone desires to be in a relationship with a conscious (i.e., aware) partner whether or not they overtly follow a spiritual path. 917 more words


What Is Love?

What is love? 

When all the games and dramas and stories are done… when one reaches a level of awareness and awakening where one sees in a truthful manner… all that can be left is love. 578 more words