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Tidal Wave

A people gripped in worldwide turmoil, minds thrashed around with news that another clash is going down….. Let’s all unite!!!

Fist high or hands up let’s ride this tidal wave, I hope these banners depict what I am truly trying to say. 158 more words

We are all interpreters

When I say ‘no’ to one my daughters, she will often interpret this as ‘yes’.

When I say ‘later’, she will often interpret this as ‘now’. 445 more words

Alan Watts - Living the Uncalculated Life

Nothing is Controlled, Only Directed

We al want to be somebody different or more. We want to be better, we want to think like a millionaire, we want communicate like a world class speaker, we want to perform like an Olympic athlete, we want to compose on the level of a musical genius, we just want to be better than we are. 237 more words

Think Tank


People need to express themselves to move forward with solutions and heal the community.

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The C-Note Files