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Are We Connected?


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We are all connected - if we think positive thoughts and have positive feelings/emotions those positive vibrations benefit all.

Composite Keys

The key
All day trying to create
Awesome metaphor for the broken heart
Is how she does it
One mission for today
What may it be? 140 more words


My indecision is final

Just finish the damn book already.

There are too many books. The world doesn’t need another one. Nobody reads anyway.

I need coffee.

Another? I thought you were trying to be healthy. 1,135 more words



Wowowow. This feeling is too insane to comprehend.
I feel like as if the universe is sending something my way – a decision, a job, a death, a love. 76 more words

The Consciousness of Trees

For those who are members of my Kyi’Ra Portal, you can also watch my video in the I, Thoth series: THE TRUTH OF TREES


YANSS Podcast 028 - The Sanity of Crowds with Michael Bond

The Topic: Crowds

The Guest: Michael Bond

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It is a human tendency that’s impossible not to notice during wars and revolutions – and a dangerous one to forget when resting between them. 489 more words