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How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country

Brilliant but sad just the same… –Linda Sky

How would American media cover the news from Ferguson, Missouri, if it were happening in just about any other country? 823 more words


Ferguson: John Oliver Video Report Nails It!

(from Before It’s News http://beforeitsnews.com/protests-demonstrations/2014/08/ferguson-john-oliver-video-report-nails-it-2454466.html)

[...] Oliver does an extensive humorous but poignant look into how Ferguson is a microcosm of what’s happening all across our country.  52 more words


Grist for the Mill


(Reframe to stay AWAKE)

Not a pain in the ass,

not annoying miscommunication over incessant email,

not a nasty fight with stepfamily over money, 49 more words


The Tribulation and the Time of Jesus' Return

Q: Okay I promise I’ll leave you alone. You said that you see us in the times and half times. Isn’t that during the tribulation in Revelation? 1,400 more words

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End of the World, Blood Moons, Eclipses, etc.

I’m going to answer questions about the End of the World, and signs portending to the “End of the World” in this way.

First, the world has ended and begun again differently so many times that no one can keep count.  516 more words

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The Return of Christ

When you see the future, when do you see Christ physically returning, around what time period? C.

It is for the Father to decide when Jesus will return in physical form to walk the Earth. 209 more words

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A Show of Hands

The Left Hand Path, The Right Hand Path and The Hidden Hand of History. IMO, the fuss over hands is a code for how to control the world…until now. 1,920 more words