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Role of the Internet in Global Awakening

On a collective level we are currently involved in a process of exercising many cultural demons, and part of the unveiling and awakening in this time is being facilitated by the internet. 390 more words

Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes

While Edgar Cayce himself participated in drilling for oil in the 1920′s, and the readings tried to help him, he didn’t succeed at that particular time.  777 more words

Consciousness Shift


Two quotes from Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy are on my mind tonight. First the disturbing.

“Either way, change will come. It could be bloody, or it could be beautiful.

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Celebrate The Angel Within

Now is the time to celebrate and conjure the all-powerful angel within. Feel the deep placid tones of your heartbeat gravitate to the rhythm of the universe. 142 more words

Ian Scott

And on the higher side....

Sometimes, what I add via the blogs can be so heavy.  It’s certainly a time of some serious s*#t.  But, at the same time, I want to remind everyone of the true and real progress that we continue with.  237 more words

Consciousness Shift

Jim Self: Planetary Update - July 2014

Every month, Jim Self “takes the pulse” of the energies currently affecting us and the planet…LINK


Consciousness Shift

David Icke: Was he right? [full documentary]

Channel 5 documentary (originally aired 12/26/2006) which chronicles David Icke’s career to present day, and asks the big question – Was he right?...LINK


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