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Your Simple Guide to Meditation

Did you ever feel like meditation sounds like a fabulous idea but you have absolutely no clue how to do it? Does it sound trippy, odd, or impossible yet somehow intriguing? 893 more words


Awkward reflections

Have you ever stopped for a minute to consider how much you do because of other people? Not for others, but because of them? There’s a difference, and it is a big one. 1,118 more words


David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness?

David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? #TED :


I get the feeling we’ve been here before!
‘I can’t get no satisfaction’, as the song goes is a refrain that Mick sang which naturally touched the heart strings of millions of his fans and many more besides I would hazard a guess. 727 more words


Unconscious Emotional Baggage


What are emotions?

Feelings that come up inside us, feelings based on what? 
Experiences, hurt, love, future endeavours all these have one thing in common; they are moments lived outside the moment of now.  621 more words


“It is one thing to believe in the Incarnation as an historical event; it is another to understand, even intellectually what it means, and still another to experience the meaning in terms of everyday life and consciousness.”

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