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Nature and the Fibonacci Numbers

Rabbits, Cows and Bees Family Trees

Let’s look first at the Rabbit Puzzle that Fibonacci wrote about and then at two adaptations of it to make it more realistic. 5,850 more words

Business As Usual

Freestyle writing

I like sliding the pen on blank paper

without a particular goal or destination in mind

It soothes my brain and my being

I like the unpredictable and winding roads it takes me through… 40 more words


Peace Experiment in Kings Park

As we build towards the World Peace Picnic being held in Kings Park this Sunday the 21st of September, a good friend Michelle and I thought it would be fun to create an experiment to see if random members of the public would be open to receiving acts of peace for world peace day. This is what happened.

Peter Sharp

The Trap of Self-Improvement

At some point in your life you have had an interest in self-improvement due to some awareness spike, or frustration at the self. You might still use those words to describe the activities you do to understand yourself. 80 more words



PEACE. It’s on a lot of minds these days. I have put off writing this because I know it will be controversial, but as Oprah has her ‘What I Know For Sure’ page in her magazine, this is what I know for sure. 774 more words

Quantum Physics

evolution and our part in it: a dream & reflection

woke up last night as i slept out in open air, grateful for another night to be sleeping there, so raw and pure beneath the stars. 212 more words

space of mystery

No one knows why the humming birds
Fly straight up and pause in front of me
As if in recognition and then move on

Or why the coyote and I crossed paths at exactly that time… 115 more words