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Like Goldfish

like goldfish
swimming in confined pond
adjust consciousness
and body-size
to limitations of environment
creatures in captivity
depend on nature’s grace
for sustenance and stimulation… 39 more words



I am turning my back on the conflict between LOVE and FEAR.

Fear still exists, but only Love can face it head on – and only Love can enter into it completely, and peacefully displace it; like candlelight entering a dark room. 249 more words



Awakening doesn’t have to take a long time and doesn’t require struggles. Who is holding this false idea of a long time? The small self, obviously. 531 more words



Can our brains alter reality or consciousness by creating something, such as what supposedly happens in schizophrenics, where the subject experiences “hallucinations” that are “created” by the brain, just a delusion that never existed and was generated by the individual… 32 more words

Wake Up Call

The Wake up Call that’s roused my sleep

Brings truth I dare to see

The world that I have always known, now will no longer be… 213 more words


Investigate and then decide

AEOS products are designed to be used together as a complete skincare solution. To enable the benefit of what AEOS can do for you, we recommend that you use only… 171 more words

Skin Care


Peace . . .
New-Clear thought.

War . . .
Nuclear fought.

Destiny . . .
Cleansed perceptual solutions are sought.