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Her Unseizeable Mystery | The First Introduction to Sophia

There are virtually unnumbered things that we could say about Her. We could consult our Book of Proverbs, pour through the pages of Ecclesiasticus. We could wonder, endlessly, at her own words, her affirmations of her presence at the beginning of time, and then her delight and her own participation with, the original efflorescence of the Creation, as it primordially unfolded. 674 more words


Who Am I ?

You are not what you think, plan or promise. You ARE what you actually do.

Start there. 

How do you spend your time? 

Watch your feet. 105 more words

Personal Self Awareness And Change

Today's Positive Question (When the entire Universe shows up and talks directly to you, are you going to take heed and listen?)

Last night my friend Aaron and I were sitting at the bar at J Alexanders and began to have a conversation with the lady next to us. 373 more words

A Throwback to that "Can-Do"

This throwback Thursday (#tbt) post is dedicated to my super local friend, Judy.

One day at work, she said something I had never heard before: 515 more words


The 'Now' is not how you imagine it

Take a look around you. The material world seems to be expanding at a rate we as a human race cannot control. Everything is expanding. From larger houses to larger cars to fit larger people, larger baby seats to fit larger babies and at the core of the dysfunction larger egos to maintain the ever expanding cycle of destruction. 908 more words


I guess a part of the safety issue with me is that I’m usually looking for the big picture…reality tells me that I cannot do it all. 817 more words