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“It is one thing to believe in the Incarnation as an historical event; it is another to understand, even intellectually what it means, and still another to experience the meaning in terms of everyday life and consciousness.”

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Backwards into the future

“We look at the present through a rearview mirror. We march backwards into the future.”

— Marshall McLuhan


The Christ

Consciousness Unfolding

Excerpt Chapter 9


By Joel Goldsmith

Page 170


        The purpose of this message is to set you free through a spiritual awareness of your oneness with God. 357 more words


No need to chase after anyone

Today is day to balance our emotions, to let go of the feelings of wishing to be where someone else is, or wanting what someone else has. 96 more words

Skin Care

I recently left my stable job to find out what I need to do with my life for myself. Not what other people think I should do.

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Adjusting My Aperture

Ranting me: “How in the world is it possible not to know that, to not see that information or give it ?! It’s included right there! 758 more words