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Looking at: "Who AM I?"

Wonderful Ramana Maharshi made this question stand out across the ages: “Who AM I?” It can be used as a means to support a direct experience of that which is unknowable and indescribable yet we can be conscious of – That. 681 more words

Supporting Awareness

“We experience a beginning and an end to all objects, but we never experience a beginning or an end to Consciousness, to our Self.” – Rupert Spira


Beside the River with Mother Ayahuasca


In the wake of my awakening experience in India, I became totally fascinated with what this new found awareness was, who I was and my relationship to the Universe. 3,359 more words


Winter of Our Discontent...

Whats really important to the individual ? Moving forward with pride or humbleness can be spoken of.  The winter of our deconstruction – a kind of atomic opposition to the ego.   302 more words


"Astral City: A Spiritual Journey"

I’ve had requests for the title of the movie, “Astral City”, which I mentioned during a recent retreat/conference at which I attended and spoke.  It chronicles the experiences of Andre Luiz, after his death, and also parallels Echo Bodine’s Out-of-Body experience which she writes of in her book, “Echoes of the Soul”. 39 more words

Consciousness Shift


There is a spiritual aspect to Alzheimer’s that has rarely, if ever, been mentioned.  While it’s true that Alzheimer’s is a physical deterioration of the brain, there is an underlying spiritual aspect occurring, as well. 609 more words

Consciousness Shift

What makes you YOU

It’s been the subject of both internal and external examination since consciousness began; the eternal question:


Why are we here? Why can I feel emotions?

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