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Angels smile with you

Today is a day to offer insight and understanding based on our own experiences, communicating the essence of bliss to everyone. A day to persevere, as the efforts of our own labour eventually do come to fruition. 137 more words

Skin Care

Choices and Changes

I believe that we chose our parents so that we could have the exact experience we needed to have to learn the lessons we needed to learn.   522 more words

Smoking Mirrors | Through all the Darkness of this World, the Sun is Still Shining

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It has been a feature of my life that I read a lot of books and that includes a preponderance of novels. 479 more words

Your Mindset

Universe show me something beautiful

Oh today it’s interesting how sometimes life plays out. Yesterday I found out my parents are being evicted and wow did the shit hit the fan. 191 more words

Access Consciousness

Stream Of Unconsciousness

I don’t know about you folks, but my mind (as is many other’s in my vicinity) is full of war and peace. Much of the first, and frustratingly less of the latter. 209 more words
Random Musings

The Physical and Creative Aspects of Human Development

This chart about human development is used at Unique Mind ESP courses in consciousness training. The development shown here refers to the development of human beings and the development of the brain over time, as well as self-development. 715 more words

Deborah Borgen