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In Joyful Sorrow

Reflecting on my journey this Passion week, I am in utter awe of the sheer beauty and majesty of this world.  So many heart stopping moments.  

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Altered States Of Experience.

Navigating different realities, my Beloved is studying transpersonal counselling and he has been talking about mapping the various states of consciousness that we move through in the course of a day. 394 more words

Ben and Ranger have settled in!

Can’t believe how quickly a month has gone by!

This last Tuesday, the 15th April, was a month to the day after our rescue horses, Ben and Ranger, arrived here in Merlin.   138 more words

Core Thought

The Toughest Job On The Planet

You think your job is tough?
Just try having a job where you have to be standing up most of the time, you have to constantly exert yourself, where you have to work 365 days of the year with no vacations. 157 more words


The Multi-Conscious Mind and How to Use It Psychically

Hi, this is my second post. It is about a theory about consciousness, and how it pertains to what parapsychologists call psychic events. 

Parapsychology is easy to understand. 913 more words

Hanging in the Balance

My spirit moves in a
Constant state of
Veil and light
Straining towards the moment
Of pause- rest-quiet.

And, once achieved- the motion begins
Newly birthed from the inertia. 185 more words

Esoteric Writings

There is no failure

Today is a day to give ourselves the space we need to get in touch with our inner wisdom, gut instincts and deep insight; to pause for a moment and think about our interaction with the earth and the way we care for it, and how the choices we make can contribute to the love and care for the earth. 38 more words

Skin Care