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A Hidden Conscience/Una Conciencia Escondida

Balls of fire moving deep inside; a substance,

a living force, an emanating light, luster,

splendor of a hidden conscience.

A shining light, liveliness of imagination; 124 more words


Highs and Lows: So It Goes

I’ve recently realized that it is much too easy to be reactive, rather than proactive. Most people (or at least me anyway, and that’s who matters) have some general idea of how each day will unfold, or at the very least, the basic direction that their lives are headed. 1,015 more words

Fate Fake Incomplete Weeks

Well we contest
who’s smarter,
who knows more?
Do you squat 500 lbs?
Cause I can’t.
Survival of the fittest
Who’s gonna survive?
One who doesn’t pay attention but just goes? 283 more words


Transformation of Consciousness

When we transform our consciousness, we participate in the transformation of the world we know. Let us look through the fog to see what a transformation in consciousness is and promote its development, also let’s examine catalysts and doorways we know of that produce a life long lasting transformation. 1,817 more words



Do you want to know the most profound, yet simple secret
in the Human Mystery?
Whatever you/we are thinking and feeling,
is what you/we are feeding and giving new life to. 69 more words


Pass on the love that you have been given

Perhaps we wish to hide our head in the sand like an ostrich. Perhaps we are hesitant to look in to the depths of what lies within our self. 129 more words

Skin Care


Still taking it easy, so I’m posting videos by a couple of young guys that I enjoy – an updated way to present what may have been too woo woo for most of my readers.  40 more words