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Rest in the Timeless - Full Lecture

Published on Jan 28, 2015
With an introduction from Jack Kornfield, for the keynote address to the International Transpersonal Association conference, Ram Dass reflects on the predicament our technology has created. 18 more words


"An Oracle Embraces Madness"


“An Oracle Embraces Madness”

I know one secret the other Oracles do not.
To be a seer is to be a seeker and such a search… 238 more words


Self-dependence or Personal Freedom? Part- I

As individuals, we are part of the physical reality without and non-physical reality within. Both the realities affect each other in an intricate way that has become a subject to marvel the thinkers of all ages. 607 more words


The longing for belonging,
A trait we all share.
Despite the feeble promise,
Of immortality.

Crave it;
It’s loss we bear.

As seasons leap,
Consciousness runs deep; 8 more words


Owning our Health: Rewiring the brain or discovering consciousness?

For the past two or more decades we have been taught that our brains are inflexible machines incapable of change once programmed at an early age, and if damaged, have little chance of recovery. 646 more words


Feeding Off Wounds

It starts off as an itch that you want to scratch out of curiosity, to see if it hurts, too sure somewhere that it wouldn’t at the same time, tiptoeing around the borders of the wound, more scab-like on the outside, a vulnerable, volatile blister about to burst any moment on the inside, only you can’t feel it, till you finally lash out your frenzy as your mind still lurks at the wound, clawing at it with the flagellating impulse till suddenly, you see the blood ooze out of it, seeing┬áthat you hadn’t realised the wound was your own. 106 more words


Writing your so(u)lo-graphy

“Welcome Nino… Tell us a little bit about yourself.” A horrible sentence at the beginning of every course, workshop, first board meeting with a client or new job introduction meeting… even some Yoga classes. 1,445 more words