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Road to Happiness: Letting Go and Drugs

I don’t even know where to start this entry. I am not a type of person who lets go. I am trying to find the right words to type. 853 more words

"I Am Very Happy That Grace Is Doing So Well... I Do Hope Her Every Happiness..."

12-03-2010 Letter to Mom and Dad

I received your letter last night mom. My family seems to drag deeper and deeper into the pits of despair, huh? 1,653 more words

There are rules...

There are rules to violating parking signs, meters, instructions (a.k.a. “rules”) on a serial basis. The first rule is “One does not park in parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.” The second is that “One does not park in fire lanes.” The third rule is similar to the first, and while it is a relatively new rule, it is as inviolable as the first and second and that is “One does not park in spaces reserved for expectant mothers or parent(s) with very small children.” These are easy and can be otherwise understood as “don’t be a dick” and “don’t do dangerous stuff.” 253 more words

Breaking Rules

it must be over

the doughnut tasted like the dentist’s chair

attempt means consequence

what is now is important but later – surprise!

stop ignoring, start remembering

to love open-handedly.


The consequences of #livingintheblack

The NFL has implemented stringent guidelines for players who commit domestic violence against women.

The recent video of the aftermath of an altercation between Ray Rice and his then, girlfriend (now wife), Janay Palmer, went viral on various media outlets. 338 more words

Connecting With Each Other

"Discipline Over Desirez" --Final Part Hip-Hop Testimony~~ PoeticPrudence

“Discipline Over Desire” –Final Rap Testimony Series ~~ PoeticPrudence

The last act on temptation is the greatest treason
It’s simple to do things for wrong reasons… 212 more words

Inspirational Rap

tradecraft...boundaries (part V)

fun with boundaries (in structured settings) exhibit B

nobody likes to have their authority tested and challenged…but, it can and will happen in this line of work…and sometimes, we can get bogged down in the muck of the job of setting boundaries for kids…let’s be honest–it can be challenging, upsetting, and downright exhausting…in fact, if you’re a loyal follower of this blog (thank you!:), i’m sure you can recall several stories that highlight those trials…however, like we saw in the last post…sometimes, when the the stars align just right and you sense a chance to do something beyond the routine…setting boundaries can be fun, too… 1,258 more words