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A Weighty Issue

Weight bias and discrimination has the potential to become the new racism. Are you an “obesist”? Or a “fatist” (as they like to call it in my office)? 329 more words


Lesson #205: "What Lies behind Pride"

Is the term:

“little white lies”

true to their

actual size?

The lives




the high

white tides

of resentment

where fraudulent

contentment… 18 more words


A culture of punishment

Ananda went to the dentist. :-) In that office, different posters caught his attention.
“One American dies every hour from oral cancer.”
“One cavity is too many.”
451 more words


See the world through an iPhone's camera

Today, scrolling down on Tumblr I found this cool and catchy picture that got my attention, then a thought hit me: “How often do we see the world through a phone’s camera and not through the eyes that we are blessed with to see?” 829 more words


Freedom That Destroys

God’s Word: Romans 6:15-23  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

You were created with freedom of choice—My gift to you. 337 more words


Last night, L decided to SHOW OUT at piano lesson.

She likes to do things her way. On her time. For as long as she wants. 698 more words

The Benevolent Dictator: Making Family Rules

I enjoy the term Benevolent Dictator for parents. It gives parents the permission to go ahead and make the rules and to change their minds without reason, without notice, and without regret. 925 more words