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Looking after your money can be scared, I know look after money is can be complicated if you are not confidence about yourself – I know that feeling. 61 more words


Rooted Viridian

There is this notion that creativity is biased. It starts when we are children and continues through most of our educations well into adulthood. It is a bias that says “you don’t have it in you”. 700 more words


Think it Through

Have you ever wondered why your life is the way that it is?

The reason I ask this is because I cannot imagine that I am the only one in the world who has regretted decisions that they have made in the past, and the outcomes that those decisions have created. 230 more words

Stressful Life

Puzzle Pieces

When I first made the decision to quit drinking, I thought that would be the only thing that I really needed to change about my life. 727 more words

Early Sobriety

A shooting threat - at our high school today

Halloween is almost here so…

I’d seriously planned, and still do, to post a story about my usually collection of Vampire friends and musings, but right now I have to talk about high school and what is happening today. 476 more words


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Update: The 14 year old girl who make the threat to the school confessed. It was a joke to get the day off. She was then arrested and taken away from her school, her family and friends and put in juvenile hall. She was also expelled from the school. A joke that caused so much panic and no doubt will ruin the life of this middle class girl. I can't imagine the horror she will have this Halloween in jail. It is sad. Very sad. PLEASE talk to your kids about consequences. Too many kids are clueless about the grave consequences of their actions. Even a small joke can turn serious and dangerous. A confession won't get you a "get out of jail free" card. Tell your teens to THINK and remember cautionary tales such as this one. It is just sad and unfortunate all the way around. Wanting a day off from school ruined a life. It isn't worth it.