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Star Trek Into Darkness - Consequentialism, Utilitarianism and the Clueless Commander

Everyone loves a good movie with aliens. For years now, the Star Trek phenomenon has taken many different forms. The most recent (at the time of this writing) film in the franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, hearkens back to much of the franchise’s roots as it remakes what may be one of the most famous sci-fi movies of all time, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. 2,851 more words

It's A Wonderful Life

Utilitarianism - the Final Word on Morality?

Consequentialism of some kind, usually Utilitarianism, is the ‘kneejerk’ moral theory of our time. It seems obvious to many people that the right – the… 465 more words


Contemplating Life and Morality

This post was originally published on www.contemplationcenter.com.  However, the website seems to be inaccessible for the time being so I’ve decided to re-post it here in full. 498 more words


From the Comments: Has the deontological puzzle been solved?

Dr Fred Foldvary (yes, THE Fred Foldvary, the one who predicted the 2008 crash in 1998writes:

It is not clear what the policy consequences are regarding those who lose out due to competition.

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” This is one of those questions that is often asked but rarely comprehensively answered or seriously thought about. 1,250 more words


Ethics 101

This ‘Ethics 101’ introduction is the first part of the ‘From Neural Is to Moral Ought’ talk, which lays some of the foundations for subsequent parts: 3,775 more words

Deontology versus Consequentialism: The Great Libertarian Divide

I am not a philosopher. In fact, the two courses I took on philosophy in college (Honors courses on ancient Greek ethics and modern ethics) were the two courses where I received my lowest grades ever in college (B+’s). 522 more words