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eHarmony: Ethically Discriminating


“To empower people with the knowledge and inspiration needed to grow and strengthen their most important relationships for a lifetime of happiness” (eHarmony Support Home Page, 2,648 more words

Paper 2


Today it is difficult to fathom graduating from college without student debt. It seems like a long lost dream that only our parents were able to achieve by working throughout their college career for an education that cost a tenth of what it does today. 1,797 more words

Paper 2

A Unified Morality

(This is the seventh part of the ‘From Neural Is to Moral Ought’ series of talks.)

32: Three Moral Theories

I have previously looked at the three main moral theories (briefly). 1,375 more words

The Consequences of Life Behind Bars

My paper will focus on identifying various ethical dilemmas faced by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), analyzing these issues through a consequentialist perspective, evaluating how they are managed, and determining if/how they could be better managed. 337 more words


The injustice of utilitarianism

The ethical paradigm of utilitarianism is fraught with problems. Injustice remains at the heart of the system as this story illustrates:

In an old cinema film, the story was set in the southern states of the USA a few years ago. 133 more words

Ethics: “A study of the concepts and principles that underlie our evaluation of human behaviour. How ought we to behave?” A preface to philosophy: Mark B Woodhouse. 180 more words

Freedom, Fraud, and the Death of Civility

Free and fair elections rely on the integrity of the voting process. Whenever there is fraud, the rights of all individuals in society are undermined. 415 more words

J.R. Dickens