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Further Thoughts on Torture

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. This is what he said when host Chuck Todd asked him about detainees who were tortured and later turned out to be innocent: 780 more words


Some Thoughts on the Torture Report

ON TUESDAY, SENATE DEMOCRATS RELEASED DETAILS of the torture program authorized at the highest levels of the Bush administration and perpetrated in the early years of last decade, in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C. 684 more words


Social Justice and Gold Stars

While i am extremel pro-equality, I disagree with many beliefs that are held by the ideological cluster Social-Justice-Tumblr-Feminism (obviously not all people who talk about social justice and feminism on Tumblr believe these things). 527 more words


Consquentialism begone

Words and artwork by Stephen Beirne. This piece is community funded – if you enjoyed this article or would like the header image for a wallpaper, please support my writing by  1,106 more words

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Consequentialist Analysis of SunChips

Ethics is a part of every company.  Whether or not they actively think about the ethics of their decisions, each company’s decisions have societal and ethical implications.  2,728 more words

Paper 2: Companies And Ethical Dilemmas

eHarmony: Ethically Discriminating


“To empower people with the knowledge and inspiration needed to grow and strengthen their most important relationships for a lifetime of happiness” (eHarmony Support Home Page, 2,648 more words

Paper 2


Today it is difficult to fathom graduating from college without student debt. It seems like a long lost dream that only our parents were able to achieve by working throughout their college career for an education that cost a tenth of what it does today. 1,797 more words

Paper 2