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Chaste Courtship and Ethics

HA note: The following is reprinted with permission from Lana Hobbs’ blog Lana Hobbs the Brave. It was originally published on March 12, 2014. 789 more words


Vanity thought #972. Deo what? Conseqwhere?

Back to deontology and consequentialism – regardless of their less than justified inclusion in the latest debate about alleged deviations of HH Hṛdayānanda Dāsa Gosvāmī they are interesting concepts to consider in relation to our philosophy. 1,159 more words


Some Thoughts on Moral Philosophy

The first election I was legally entitled to vote on was the EU elections of 2008. I decided not to vote. My parents were not happy about this. 1,826 more words


The Ethics of Human Rights (89): Anti-Consequentialist Consequentialism


There are two words in “human rights”. “Rights” are claims that override the claims, wishes or welfare of a government, a majority, or even the totality of a population minus one. 487 more words

Human Rights

Fred Phelps: Is It Okay to Express Joy When Other People Die?

Fred Phelps, the leader of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, died the other day at the age of 84. Phelps was near-universally despised. His church taught that when soldiers died in war, it was because god was angry at America for tolerating homosexuality. 1,511 more words


Another one bites the dust

I am an extremely lazy television viewer.

Not in the sense of not moving from the t.v. my external monitor, but in that I’d rather watch old shows over and over again than deal with the uncertainty of new shows. 667 more words


Moral Theories, and why we won't be using them.

Much of Medical Ethics teaching revolves around teaching the different schools of moral theory and using them to argue why this decision or that decision is the correct course to take. 767 more words