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Death Penalty: Views on morality and reform

“I just don’t see the sense of killing people to say that killing people’s wrong.” -Dead Man Walking (1995)

My Philosophy and Social Ethics class is discussing the death penalty this week. 696 more words


Teleological and Deontological Conceptions of Civilization


Teleology and Deontology

In moral theory we distinguish between teleological ethical systems and deontological ethical systems. Teleological ethics (also called consequentialism, in reference to… 2,872 more words


Preventing Suffering and the Abolition of Predators

The principle that we should always act to prevent suffering seems intuitive as it seems that a world without needless suffering would be far better than one in which suffering occurred regularly. 980 more words

The Essence of Ethics

Before delving into major ethical issues, there is  one question that may be critical to exploring the topic. Indeed, the question is “whence are ethics derived?”.  848 more words



It is dangerous to believe that we should be wholly responsible for our actions. It is arrogant to believe we are totally in control of our actions. 494 more words


On Slacktivism and Ice Buckets

I had been mostly ignoring what had been going on with the Ice Bucket Challenge for the past few days since I’d heard about it; that is, until I was challenged by a good friend of mine. 827 more words


INDIANS BEWARE OF JIM: an introduction to basic ideas in ethics

Ethics is the area of philosophy that is chiefly associated with morality (strictly speaking I am dealing with normative ethics in this post, normative ethics being concerned with what we should do). 1,227 more words