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Jaguar, Conservation, Book Time

We had not heard of him before listening to this interview:

Jaguars are the world’s third-largest wild cat – after tigers and lions. They have distinctive black rosettes on their fur and can weigh up to 250 pounds.

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Chisels, callipers and files

Paul Coleman, Project Manager, gives us a quick update on the latest news at the Folly.

Well if you’ve read our blog post about the Crenulations, Merlons and Machicolations (the bits which sit on top of the Gothic Folly top) the exciting news is the stone has arrived on site and our stone masons have started to mark out and shape the pieces which will sit on top of the tower. 152 more words


Northern white rhino dies at Ol Pejeta, only six left in the world

On Saturday, Ol Pejeta announced that Suni, one of the last Norther White Rhinos, was dead.

“Suni was one of the four northern whites residing on Ol Pejeta Conservancy. 236 more words


Birds, Gastronomy, Cultural Heritage--Is It Entrepreneurial Conservation?

We do not link often to the countless stories of rhino populations being decimated due to poaching, not because they are depressing, which they are; but because there have been no breakthrough entrepreneurial conservation stories related to that tragedy. 1,073 more words


Our Poor Planet

Recently we travelled by train to Bruges in Belgium. We passed for several hours through a virtually flat and to all intents and purposes, a treeless landscape. 381 more words


Out with the old, in with the new

The Arrow Slits

This week, Cliveden Conservation Conservator, Andrea Walker, talks us through the restoration of the arrow slits on the Folly Project.

Arrow slits, also referred to as loopholes, arrow loops or bow loops, are the narrow vertical windows from which castle defenders would have launched arrows from a sheltered position. 266 more words


The Silent Destruction of a South China Sea Coral Reef

In an article published today (21/10/2014) the SCMP details how a disputed reef in the South China Sea has been transformed into the largest island in the… 357 more words