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A different way to see the world

I posted a little while ago about the applications of remote sensing technology in biological research. Here’s a TED talk by one of the authors of the South African study I mentioned with some fascinating visuals showing the level of detail these technologies can reveal to us. 63 more words


Jack Pine Planting in Grayling

Help conserve jack pine forest – the Kirtland warbler’s paradise – by planting trees May 3

 Looking for an opportunity to get outside and give back to Michigan’s natural resources?  428 more words


Elephant Ecosystems - An Earth Day Special!

Rob Nelson of Untamed Science helped us realize this long-time goal to create little animated eco-messages about elephants.  Here’s the first installment!

Elephant Ecosystems

Or: Why do we need large wild animals? 68 more words


2014-04-22 Earth Day

Happy Earth Day.

Really though, shouldn’t everyday be earth day? After all, earth is our home. It’s what sustains us, protects us, and enriches our bodies and our spirits. 424 more words


RTHK: no more fish, no more fishermen

Hong Kong was once famous for its fishing industry. In the 1960s, the annual catch was about 100,000 tonnes; yet with the advancement in fishing techniques, this increased to about 200,000 tonnes by the 1980s. 243 more words


Panthera leo: top predator, or would that be us? Happy Earth Day!

“The earth is the mother of all that moves, and is the common bond between the generations that have been, are , and are to come.”    … 13 more words


Secretary Bird on the EDGE by Alison Nicholls

100 Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) birds were recently listed in a paper in Current Biology. The lead author, Prof Walter Jetz, states that “by identifying these top 100 species, we can now focus our efforts on targeted conservation action and better monitoring to help ensure that they are still here for future generations to come”. 229 more words

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