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Preserving our Future: World Wetlands Day 2015

A million HELLOS to the blogging community!

And happy early World Wetlands Day! It’s hard not to be passionate about the celebration of such an event, since all of what you see here — the unique landscapes and its wonderful critters — are dependent on wetland ecosystems. 384 more words


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"Despite the growing awareness of this unique ecosystem, there are sobering threats facing the survival of our wetlands..." - FeyGirl

"Biodiversity is Us" - ICOM NATHIST collaborates with WAZA

With the theme of IMD15 “Museums for a Sustainable Society”, ICOM NATHIST is working even more closely with its partner the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) to support “Biodiversity is Us”. 221 more words


Allonby Bay consultation now open!

I have written an earlier post about the delights of Allonby Bay, and its inclusion in DEFRA’s list of 37 proposed Marine Conservation Zones.

The public consultation on the proposed MCZs has just opened (Jan 27th), and it’s disappointing that DEFRA have reduced the number of proposals to 23, and that only Allonby Bay and ‘West of Walney’ remain out of the 5 areas originally proposed for the Irish Sea. 155 more words


Panthers In Man's Habitat

And in other “nature sometimes solves man-made problems” news to complement today’s editorial from the Guardian, we thank Conservation for their daily summaries of important environmental science news: 638 more words


Let Nature Do Its Own Work

Not every problem in the natural world has a solution, let alone a simple one; and there is always that law of unintended consequences, but we like the way… 916 more words


Protecting Grace Darling's Coble

In my role as Regional Conservator for the Conservation Advisory Network (a free service that offers a range of collections care advice, training and support for museums in North East England) I made a preliminary visit to the… 445 more words


A simple message to Elephants… 'THANK YOU"


The Ndoto mountains are incredibly steep mountains, and these Elephants chose to climb to the top!.. 778 more words