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Tiger Island Sanctuaries?

In the Jan. 5 entry, we discussed radical option for saving tigers.

What is happening now is not working so it is time to shoot for the stars and see what happens when it comes to this  great cat. 447 more words

Chester Moore

"Protecting our Pollinators" Conference Feb. 27

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton (MD) is sponsoring a conference on pollinator conservation next month.  The program itself will be at the Silver Spring Civic Center, and will feature local bee phenom Sam Droege, in addition to what promises to be an interesting talk by Northwestern U/Chicago Botanic Garden conservation biological Krissa Skogen.  182 more words

General Butterfly News

The Limits of Taste

We here at AllHailtheAle love pushing the boundaries. Nothing says ‘beer’ to us more than finding a new palate-experience either down the pub, from a vat of home-brew or from a shop shelf. 375 more words


Week Two highlight - Wilson Conservation Studio

This week I spent a full day assisting Marie in the Wilson Conservation Studio. She is in the midst of preparing material from the Cadbury Research Library collections for display in the building’s foyer. 477 more words

Barn Owls, Stoats and Foxes

During my time living in, and studying Zoology in Wales, I saw my fair share of wildlife. My friends and I once took a trip to South Stack Cliffs on Anglesey and saw a huge variety of wildlife, and watched in awe as a pair of Peregrine Falcons fed their chick on the cliffs below us. 246 more words


talk talk talk talk (+ do):

there are many debates to be held on the status of the bahamian and regional (caribbean) food system. with crazily high import rates from large producers in north, central, and south america and elsewhere, questions on the sustainability of such a system are at the forefront. 505 more words


SciSun: The Bald Truth

We all know the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) isn’t really bald but just displays a head of white feathers. Maybe because there are already a lot of other birds that use the names ‘white’ and ‘snowy’ and ‘ivory’ and even ‘silvery’, and vultures, which actually are bald, didn’t want to be know as the only follicly-challenged avians. 783 more words