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Gibraltar Did Not Breach Bloc’s Environmental Regulations

Last year, Spain accused Gibraltar of committing a breach to the bloc’s environmental regulations with the artificial reef they created last year, along with other activities. 229 more words


Declining biodiversity was tipping point for dinosaurs. May be for us too.

Last week, a group of scientists announced that declining biodiversity may be tipping us toward Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Coincidentally, another group of scientists… 1,013 more words

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Back to Where it All Began

Kenya been a part of me since my first visit in 2003. It has been the single defining moment for my career. Without my trip to Kenya, and especially… 561 more words


9 Brand New Birds That Are Already Threatened

If you’ve never heard of the Somali Ostrich, the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher, or the Blue-bearded Helmetcrest, don’t beat yourself up for being a bad birder. Until recently, they didn’t exist. 47 more words

Wading birds declining in the UK

Conservationists say climate change could be partly to blame for big drop in numbers in eight of the main species over 10 years.

The magical winter wildlife spectacle of hundreds of thousands of wading birds converging on British estuaries could be under threat as research shows big declines in some of the most familiar species.

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KCBS Cover Story: Santa Cruz Residents Already Fined Thousands For Excessive Water Use

SANTA CRUZ (KCBS) – Santa Cruz residents have been assessed more than half a million dollars in fines for excessive water use since a Stage 3… 327 more words


Southwood Bracken Bash

On Sunday the Southwood Volunteers joined us to vent any frustration by bashing bracken. Since patches of bracken are taking over the woodland in previous years it has been cut. 166 more words