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Honey, The Delicious But Vicious Bateria Killer

We’ve already established how delicious honey is, and how it’s made, but what about how it’s used in medicine?

Not too long ago, a friend of mine who is a nursing student, told me that they had just learned about the medicinal use of honey. 646 more words


Drought helps invasive species thrive in Utah forests

WASATCH NATIONAL FOREST, Utah — An invasive species has spread like a disease through Utah’s forests, killing thousands of trees.

The problem isn’t going away, but the Forest Service and arborists are trying to work together to make the best of the situation. 256 more words


Bird Camouflage - Films, games & Links


When other animals think of you as food, it’s good to be hard to see.
When you’re a ground-nesting bird, it’s essential. The above photo contains one bird. 337 more words


Banning plastic bags - is it the right solution?

Plastic grocery and shopping bag use is widespread, and its ill effects have long been shown and documented. But this week California’s legislature was the first to pass an outright ban of plastic bags. 762 more words


The little things

With all the huge projects we have had happening at Hardwick this summer it is easy for the little things to get glossed over, however the little things are so important as well. 958 more words


The night the cold killed the mallee: extreme events & climate change

My toes knows it’s cold outside. Me nose knows too. And me ear.
Our thin nylon tent holds little warmth.

Last night the mercury fell to –2°C in the mallee. 1,424 more words