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Positive News For Antarctic Sea Ice

A new robotic study conducted by a coalition of scientist from the United Kingdom, Australia and United States has shown that the Antarctic sea ice is thicker than previously thought. 611 more words


Growth, Death, and Survival

Homo sapiens may very well be the first species that must learn to live on Earth.  It appears as though every other species that came before us, or exists today, has a population limited by available food supply or other environmental conditions.   1,034 more words


Maji ni Uhai


A boy that we interviewed in the village of Mihembe, Mtwara District in southern Tanzania, showing us the slow process of filling buckets with water (see the right photo for ones he prepared earlier), from a pool of cloudy water that stagnates at the bottom of a hand-dug hole. 506 more words

Thieves in the Night

Kanahau has four resident hummingbirds that I have been putting out feeders for. I started putting the feeders out so that I would be able to get a better photo of these amazing little birds, however they have worked much better than I could have expected. 251 more words

Turkey Day on the Refuge

As I sit in my ‘home on wheels’ drinking my early morning coffee on Turkey Day catching up on correspondence (and rare Internet connection), I hear the air boat out on the large marshes across the road and RV ‘Village’ on the Refuge. 909 more words

Chihuahuan Desert

Illegal Wildlife Trade, Quantified

The Guardian’s coverage of one of our least favorite but critically important topics is appreciated, as always:

Wildlife crime study finds 33,000 items worth £7m for sale online…

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The unfortunate truth of the illegal animal trade. Endangered species are going to go extinct, is it really worth it?