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The Reagan sideshow

The Invisible Bridge, Rick Perlstein, Simon and Schuster

Rick Perlstein has just released the third volume in his amazing series of political histories of modern conservatism in America. 472 more words

Wildrose: Mission Accomplished? (Or time for Phase 2?)

I only took an interest in provincial politics after Redford got in. I saw that a toxic left leaning self-described ‘progressive’ premier (Redford) got in to replace a failure in Ed, and that the PC Party was broken and corrupt, and conservatism in Alberta needed a reboot. 2,722 more words


Ben Carson Transcends the Politics of Division

Mitt Romney failed because he ran away from Mitt Romney. He rarely talked about how his faith defined him, failed to aggressively defend his business record and refused to embrace his signature piece of gubernatorial legislation depriving him of the opportunity to frame his record for the voters. 390 more words

Selfishness, Greed, and this Christmas Season

I have seen in my long life, so much selfishness and greed from different individuals, with different situations, that I sometimes just can’t believe that people can be that way.   1,286 more words

America's Christian Heritage

Allen West Explains Why ‘Big Government’ Jeb Bush is Wrong For 2016

Former Florida Rep. Allen West recently joined Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s most recent steps toward declaring himself a contender in the 2016 presidential race. 177 more words


Rise of the paranoid South: How defending against “outsiders” brought the region together

My latest post is an article for Salon that explains why the American South continues to be exceptional in its own unique way.

The Civil War ended in 1865.

75 more words

True progress - back in line with the Church at Nijmegen's student chaplaincy

In 2012 the diocese did it at one university and now it is preparing to do it at a second. A return to the Catholic fold seems imminent for the student chaplaincy at Nijmegen’s Radboud University. 333 more words

Catholic Church In The Netherlands