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Repost-Ed West At The Telegraph: 'Conservatives, Depressing Everyone Since 500BC'

Full piece here.

Briton Ed West is leaving the Telegraph and offers some thoughts:

‘Conservatism is depressive realism. That’s not to say that things are always bad, or necessarily getting worse, but that there is a natural tendency among humans to ignore problems, and it’s our job to point this out.’

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Current Events

Fury Yet to be Felt: The Collapse of Liberal America

On any given day across America there are hundreds if not thousands of acts of larceny, the unlawful taking of the personal property of another person, armed robberies, drive-by shootings, and myriad other crimes including assaults, stabbings, flash mobs, and yes, knock out game punches. 555 more words


When I Was a Conservative For 2 Weeks

After getting a face full of social liberalism from the Obama administration, and seeing firsthand how awful big government policies could be, I became a strong advocate of individualism and small government. 220 more words


Conservatism and Ideology

From the article:

“Philosophy”—love of wisdom—is a word first used by Heraclitus. “Sophia” as listed in the dictionary means “perfect scientific knowledge, wisdom,” but a “sophist” is “a quibbler, a cheat.” And Plato made a sharp distinction between sophistes, philosophos, and the sophos, the sophistes being a person who, claiming that he possesses wisdom, takes money for teaching it.

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Political Philosophy

Pride of the Pubs in Tennessee

Republicans seem to have a monopoly on getting scumbags elected. Sure there’s a corrupt Dem in every other pot but the Pubs have cornered the market on running sleazy, slimebucket, greedhead pervs who promptly get caught perving all over themselves, usually in public. 146 more words


What is the Proper Definition of Marriage?

The admins of this blog have been brain storming on how to introduce a debate forum into our weekly posts; one that identifies an important topic in our current cultural, economic, political, philosophical discussions. 237 more words

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