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Hey Hawthorne, Read it and Weep!

This is just too sweet. Which states would vote Democrat is only white men could vote?

…there are a few (unsurprising) regions where ankle-grabbing, pillow-biting white males would continue voting for the party that hates them and wants them dispossessed from the country they built.

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'I don't think there is any reason to fear these books'

By all means let’s discuss the influence of Moses on the founding of the Republic and ignore Madison. Texas has made it easier:

The Texas State Board of Education, whose decisions can have national ramifications, on Friday approved nearly 100 textbooks despite criticism the books exaggerated the influence biblical figures had in forming the U.S.

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Historian Xu Guoli (徐国利) on how modern Chinese conservative historians wrote about traditional historiography





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        【内容提要】 20世纪上半叶,如何认识和书写中国传统史学成为中国现代史学史的重要学术课题。在三、四十年代,钱穆对中国传统史学作了多角度的研究,从先秦典籍的类别《诗》、《书》、《春秋》和“礼”探讨中国史学的起源与早期发展,认为中国史学具有自由、人本和理性的精神;传统史学多样化的体裁扩大了历史记载的范围和内容,通史体裁的创立和完善则确立了中国史学发展的道路,也为中国现代新史学变革指明了路向。钱穆对传统史学的内涵、特质和价值深入发掘,与反传统史家的主张相对立,是对中国传统史学的新认识和新书写,在中国现代史学史上占有重要地位。

【关 键 词】钱穆/中国传统史学/经史关系/史学精神/通史意识

【作者简介】徐国利(1966—),男,安徽省祁门县人,安徽大学历史系教授、博士生导师,主要从事中国史学史和史学理论研究。 40 more words

Academic Analysis

The politics of 'making your own laws'

Charles Pierce on John Boehner’s least visible body part, which the Speaker of the House thinks he’s got because he’s farted about suing the president over making Mexican American lives moderately tolerable: 205 more words

Downey Jr. Makes a Switch

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Robert Downey Jr., the American actor, considers himself apart of the Republican Party. In 2008, Robert flew to the Twin Cities to attend a Republican National Convention. 173 more words

COMM 250

What does the health care debate reveal about us, and our future?

Summary:  Today we have a glance at the debate about one of the most important domestic public policy debates of our time, repeated in every generation… 1,383 more words


The Gospel According to Ann Coulter

At the turn of this millennium, conservative pugilist Ann Coulter became a leader of the Religious Right, even as she denied its existence. With the publication of… 7,098 more words