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Christian Conservatism OR 'Where's my Opiate?'

For those us exposed to somewhat Christian socialist influences when young, it’s too tempting to dismiss Christian conservatism as not a real thing, or a misunderstanding, or even a perversion of some kind.   852 more words


Republicans have stoked hatred towards the government for decades and towards the President and his family since he first ran for office. These home invasions… 206 more words


Why NRO wants to follow women into Walgreens

Kevin Williamson, not to be confused with the auteur behind the Scream franchise but himself an adept writer of horror scenarios, is pissed off. Its his duty as a writer for… 404 more words

Qualities of Life

Greatness, however you choose to measure it, can emerge from any society.  Even North Korea is able to produce incredibly skilled musicians and scientists.  So no society can really take too much pride in the achievements of the select few, it is how the regular person lives that should be sought as a laudable achievement.  1,402 more words

The 2 REAL reasons divorce and cohabitation rates are so high

Divorce and cohabitation – what could they have in common? And how could anyone reduce the reasons for such complex things as divorce and cohabitation to just two sources? 1,382 more words


Swords into Ploughshares

The Good Book says to beat our swords into ploughshares.  But we must have swords, and be prepared to sometimes wield them as weapons, not farm implements, to protect the farm and the harvest. 2,749 more words