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Should I Be Outraged About This Diplodocus Thing?


Nice quick one this week. I saw on the news the other day that they’re taking down the diplodocus skeleton in the Natural History Museum and replacing it with a blue whale skeleton. 918 more words

Pro-Intervention "Conservatives" Are Embarrassing Themselves With Their Chris Kyle Emotionalism

I’m a non-interventionist on foreign policy, but conservatives are supposed to be my allies on other issues. This Chris Kyle business has me seriously questioning the thoughtfulness of many conservatives. 308 more words


Black and White

In politics it can be a little too tempting to frame arguments in a dichotomy that, by its very nature, has to be false.  It is never going to be as simple as to say liberals are dog people, conservatives are cat people, or vice versa.  1,382 more words

Spelling and Vaginas: Have We Lost Higher Education?

Are new culture bullies taking over America’s college campuses? Jonathan Chait argued recently that today’s college campuses are suffering a new, more aggressive bout of political correctness. 872 more words


Everything I cannot see

LA without cars is like lungs without oxygen.

Sarah Palin isn’t running for President. She’s extending the expiration date of her Palinoconservative brand another two years. 64 more words


Constitution Party: A Look Back and Where We Are Now

The following was sent by the Constitution Party. Please excuse the fund raising appeals unless you are so inclined:

Dear Patriot:

2014 was a significant building block on our way to success. 313 more words


Liberal monopoly in arts and entertainment?

Here’s the challenge conservatives face in reaching a wider audience, as Steve Sailer writes in today’s TakiMag:

It’s widely assumed, both by liberals and conservatives, that the fields of arts and entertainment innately induce egalitarian political leanings.

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