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A Fantastic Exegesis of the Gettysburg Address

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In fact, the Gettysburg Address must rank high among the greatest speeches anywhere. It is right up there with the Apology of Socrates and the Funeral Oration of Pericles, with the added benefit that Lincoln’s was actually written and delivered by him, whereas the speeches by Socrates and Pericles come to us secondhand, so to speak, from Plato and Thucydides.

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White summer

Argentina has defaulted again. Soon it will be a good time to buy real estate in Retiro.

Upon reading this, my opinion of the colonists dramatically improved. 65 more words


My letter to Patti Bellock, Illinois State Representative

My state representative for the 47th district is a lady named Patti Bellock. She seems to be a nice lady, and she’s been in the position for quite some time. 798 more words


A Brief Overview of Judicial Interpretation and Judicial Activism

Let’s start with the basics, strict constructionist and loose constructionist are two of several methods of interpreting the Constitution. Strict constructionist is an interpretative commitment to the words used in the Constitution and only to be interpreted as such. 972 more words


Ralph Nader and the collapse of the Democratic left

Every few weeks one of these gets commissioned and an editor publishes it: the sick soul of the Democratic Party gets exorcised from its suppurating host. 630 more words

Toward A Conservatism Of Joy

Lovely sunny day pic.twitter.com/dyyEl3mU3R

— Herdwick Shepherd (@herdyshepherd1) May 26, 2014

Noting that Michael Oakeshott’s classic essay, “On Being Conservative” (pdf) was published nearly sixty years ago, Aaron Taylor…

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