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What Has He Really Done To You?

The Day President Barack Hussein Obama had the nerve to step foot into The White House-a certain segment of our less than perfect Union flipped the fuck out.Charles Manson seems sane by comparison. 384 more words


Reverse Racism Is Ruining The Life Of Jim-Bob Jerkoffski-Give Me A Break!


The notion of “reverse racism” is especially laughable concerning it being a ‘problem’ for White males. A mentally deranged moron from one of the most racist states in our union has the nerve to complain about a less than equal playing field…and it is utterly ridiculous. 169 more words


The Backbone of The Benghazi Bullshit Is About To Be Permanently Broken



Maybe the despicable disrespect shown toward the victims families by those who wanted to politicize their insane hatred for the POTUS can stop. The very notion of describing a committee led by House Republicans as “intelligent” is a batshit stretch at best, but lets assume they have half of a brain and don’t blame everything on Benghazi-YEAH RIGHT! 55 more words


Disgrace Defined By A Dicks Daughter-Cheney Doesn't Have Amnesia, He's Not High-He's Just A Prick!


Liz Cheney represents the defective DNA that came from the loins of the Devil himself. Dick Cheney is the devils spawn and his non-pussy loving daughter proves this point weekly with her warped grasp of factual information from her pappy’s past as Vice-President. 233 more words


It's So Easy To Take Credit For "Tearing Down" An Already Broken Wall

I watched the ENTIRE press conference that President Obama gave yesterday that addressed many of the serious issues that the world is facing. His grasp and knowledge of ALL sides of these issues was so superior to his last three predecessors…it is laughable. 335 more words


Bill O'Reilly-The Prince Of Pond Scum Puts Both Feet In His Big Mouth Once Again


Bill O’Reilly represents the real dregs of humanity that can be found daily on Faux News. This insolent imbecile knows exactly what he’s doing when he panders his ignorance to the feeble minds of many Fox News followers. 33 more words


"I'm A Losin Ma Right To Be A Self-Serving, Hateful Som-Bitch Still Stuck In My Trailer-It's Bayrack Obamma's" Fault!"~The Muddled Mantra Of Jimmy-Bob Jackshit


It should be a criminal offense for what Roger Ailes has done to the already fractured and mostly minuscule minds of people who actually digest and ignorantly pass the repugnant conservative misinformation found on Faux News. 244 more words