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Lives Were Sacrificed For???? Your Impatience Fails To Impress Me!

If you don’t vote, then keep your opinions about the Republican sewer sludge that you hate so much to yourself. The sub-human intellect that dominates the Tea Party has got you hoodwinked with their demonic agenda. 61 more words


Can Somebody Get These Motherfuckers Some Soap And Second-Grade Spelling Lessons?

Being dumber than a fifth-grader and in desperate need of a bath is enough. Showing up with predictably illiterate signs of ignorance takes the cake. Where’s the delousing agent to permanently remove the lying, left-hating lice from the head of this politically putrid pond scum?~Daryl


Massa Media Misinforms Many-Fuck Faux News-We Need 2 Fight The Power!

Especially Faux News which perpetually panders to the weak-minded, uninformed, sociopathic state of Tea Party nonsense. Dick won’t rise every morning like it’s supposed too, pick-up a weapon and parade through Target to display your beer influenced balls. 452 more words


Immigration Madness In Murrieta-"Make Me Wanna Holler And Throw Up Both My Hands"

Is it just me? Am I wrong for wanting to decapitate one, if not all, of the┬árepulsive dregs of humanity represented in this video? Instead, I’ll let the words of the great Marvin Gaye found in the title of this post guide me to a greater understanding of pure hatred and unbridled ignorance. 78 more words


Orange May Be The New Black-John Boehner Is Still A Dick!


I think John Boehner has been spending too much time secretly bonding with his Snoop Dog influenced son-in-law. “Rolling down the street, smoking indo and sipping on gin&juice” 259 more words


Michele Bachmann Mouths More Madness While Dreaming Of Another 'Mr. Marcus'


Michele Bachmann is a nut that falls from the same tree of insanity that brought forth fellow non-MENSA member moron Sarah Palin. Perhaps, her main problem is she can’t get over catching her husband Marcus and Lindsay Graham blowing each other in their hotel room at a recent gathering of Conservative Christian Coalition of Craziness. 292 more words