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We Need To Eliminate The Conservative Smirk 'Represented' By Chris McDaniel-Vote Blue In 2014


Rep. Chris McDaniel is a typical tea party waste of space. He joins a legion of right-wing sociopaths that continue to astound the world with their alarming ignorance on a daily basis. 649 more words


Cliven Bundy-The Sordid Saga Of Shit-Kicking Entitlement

Right-wing morons are creaming their dirty jeans and scuffing their boots in defense of the indefensible when it comes to defending their latest shit-kicking, anti-government “hero.” 269 more words


"Faith, Family And God"-The Swamp Scum Hypocrisy Of The Tea-Drunk Vance McAllister

“In Congress, Vance will fight to turn the economy around by repealing ObamaCare, investigating the IRS, and stopping the march of big government into our lives.”~mcallisterforcongress.com… 305 more words


The Powell Memorandum-A Forty+Year-Old Blueprint For Today's Conservative Hypocrisy


¬†Everyday we are force fed the downright disgusting antics of today’s conservative movement-constantly attempting to return our country to an evil era that once was, and hopefully…never will be again. 372 more words


A Rhesus Monkey Look Alike Named Rumsfeld Reacts To The 'Terror' He Helped Create


We all know that Donald Rumsfeld is nothing more than a puckered asshole. This fool should be behind bars for the rest of his life for the lies and outright thuggery that he and his fellow devils Dub-Yah, and Prick Cheney used as a smokescreen for the death and debauchery bestowed upon Iraq and Afghanistan.   218 more words


Uncle Ben's Rice Has No Flavor!


Actually you are nothing, but a permanent resident of the absolute dregs of humanity. If you REALLY believe this nonsense, you are null and void concerning the real world. 229 more words