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We all know what he is going to talk about!

President Barack Obama is set to announce his plan to combat ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria by arming so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels despite the fact that such militants have openly aligned themselves with Islamic State fighters. 636 more words

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You wanna see what our military thinks of the Politicians?

You really think you know what our military thinks of Obama and the rest of the politicians in Washington. I won’t say much in this post because this letter, from an active Green Beret says it all.

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Mainstream Media: No truth...Just The Building of a Narrative

When I first went into printing in 1976, my thoughts were, that I would love being in the business because of the freedom of the press and the ability to get out the news.

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OBAMA had warning signs.....about what he brought in, but he still did it.

I have little to say here, as Judge Jeanine says it all. Obama knew all the warning signs but he would rather go on vacation than to do anything good for America.

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ISIS, A Warning To America

ISIS, ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria )  Originally composed of Sunni Muslim insurgents including members of Qaeda in Iraq , and Jaysh al-Fatiheen have grown in strength and numbers and continue to roll violently into cities leaving behind beheaded bodies, and carnage. 409 more words

Muslim Brotherhood

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Are we SCARED Yet?

We have 8 billion of us Muslim Americans in this country and I don’t see them represented here. But my question is how can we fight an ideological war with weapons. 157 more words

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