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Passionate About Conservatism

By Alan Caruba ~

We conservatives tend to be rather low key when it comes to expressing our commitment to conservative values. We are all about the Constitution, small government, a strong military, and fiscal prudence, but these are not things that are easy to talk about in a passionate way, no matter how strongly we feel about them. 910 more words

Public Opinion

University education is worthless by design

A recent article on Return of Kings by Matt Forney suggested a couple of good reasons why men must avoid universities. To summarize, modern universities are hotbeds of cultural Marxist garbage which make an especially toxic environment for White heterosexual Christian males. 731 more words


Film: Conservative and Liberal Horror Films | There's Nothing Scarier than Politics

It’s almost Halloween, and for those too old to go trick-or-treating, this is the time when you buckle down, ingest candy and/or alcohol, and dare yourself to watch a scary movie, either alone or in the company of others. 1,429 more words

Alex Carrigan

Fox News is my muse

I’m not one to label someone a racist simply for refusing to acknowledge the racial inequalities that continue to plaque the U.S. – even if I can’t come up with another explanation for such cognitive dissonance. 439 more words


[Audio] - Widow Shoots Home Intruder While On 911 Call

Each of us is possessed with the inalienable right to life and liberty. We also have the right, as Americans, to defend ourselves up to and including using deadly force if necessary. 208 more words

Gun Control

Women: Choice vs causality

  1. qwer says:

    September 2, 2014 at 9:28 am (Edit)

    Modern industrialized society chronically and pervasively objectifies the female body, and many women have come to view themselves through the lens of an external observer, habitually monitoring their own appearance whether in public or private settings.

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