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I have Not Seen

Three things I know not of,

Yea, four things I have not seen:

The hyper-Calvinist, cold and dead;

The Christian conservative, pharisaic and hateful;

The good atheist, moral and consistent; 6 more words


Conservative Canadian government deemphasizes need and vulnerability in pushing Syrian Muslims to the bottom of the list

The conservative-led Canadian federal government has announced that it will be “prioritizing” ethnic and religious minorities while resettling refugees from Syria. Apparently Muslim Syrian refugees will be pushed to the bottom or off the list entirely of refugees to be resettled. 429 more words


United States Takes Action on Improving Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

On the morning of Wednesday December 17, 2014, President Obama spoke through the phone to Cuban President Raul Castro about ending the United States-Cuban embargo, and improving diplomatic relations between the two countries. 888 more words


Is there really no anti-Establishment Right?

Kevin Drum and Ed Kilgore share a laugh over the idea of a populist, anti-Establishment Right that actually believes in what the Tea Party supposedly once stood for. 512 more words

Jeb Bush to begin presidential campaign?

With a seven-paragraph Facebook post on Tuesday, Jeb Bush has turned the tables on the presidential race. In the post, he announced his decision to “ 480 more words