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I just had to shake my head

I was heading into work and I saw a pumper sticker that said: “I’m ready for Hilary.” I just had to shake my head.
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How The News Media Supports The Hamas Terror Campaign

It happens every day on network and cable TV news shows – opinionated news anchors who twist the truth, ignore the obvious and try to convince us all that some religious, extremist group like Hamas is the innocent victim in the latest terror war. 843 more words

Human Interest

Conservative Vs. Liberals? They Both Suck

I often find myself wondering why people insist on defining themselves so rigidly.  People are tied to there views, but are they really even their views?

The New Punk Rock, Probably Not What You Expect

Not quite sure I agree with everything this Schlichter fellow has to say, but I admire his anything-to-stir-up-trouble rhetorical style, reminiscent of Fear’s Lee Ving baiting the audience at L.A.’s long-gone Anti-Club: 288 more words

The Economy: Too Much Risk, For Little Reward?

Over the next 6 weeks, I will be analysing what a vote of yes or no would mean for Britain. The yes vote has gained some momentum in recent weeks but now, with just 6 weeks to go until the biggest referendum in British history takes place, these polls actually begin to mean something. 842 more words

Current Affairs

The IRS' clean-up guy sure doesn't seem to know what he's doing

The Internal Revenue Service’s clean-up guy sure doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, does he? Watch as Trey Gowdy (R-SC)eviscerates Commisioner John Kosikenen about the on-going investigation into why Tea Party and other conservative applications for non-profit status were waylaid:

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Saint Hazard's Virtues

I learned conflict resolution from the most conservative, Evangelical, and intense part of the church I was ever participated in.  Many churches and para-church organizations have terrible conflict resolution skills.   407 more words