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There are people who spend their entire career trading stocks. The stock market in general has been a great thing. It facilitates a way for people to invest in a business, the business grows, innovation is funded, the investors make a return. 596 more words


David Dewhurst, the Best Choice for Texas!

The race for Lt. Governor is somewhat unique this year. We have a man who has the experience of serving Texas as a leader challenged by a bit of a lightweight. 383 more words


Mass Workfare Begins Next Monday ... Or Does It?

With less than one week to go until the launch date of the DWP’s woefully misnamed ‘Help To Work’ and details of the programme are still shrouded in secrecy. 490 more words


'Sure they did': ThinkProgress claims IRS really had it in for progressive groups

Well, ThinkProgress has finally admitted what we’ve known all along: The IRS unfairly targeted certain political groups. It’s about time!

Oh, wait:

New records show IRS targeted progressive groups more extensively than Tea Party groups…

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Patriocentricity is not Patriarchy

Some things just have to be endlessly repeated over and over, clearly.  Patriocentricity is father-worship, with an emphasis on individual family units being subservient to unrestrained false “patriarchs” who themselves have no higher authority to be subject to (not even other father-leaders). 366 more words