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Vote Yes on Cape Girardeau Fire Sales Tax

There is a group in Cape Girardeau that wants to put the City’s First Responders lives in jeopardy.  They want to put the lives and property of the citizens of Cape Girardeau at risk.  66 more words


Interracial marriage is traditional

Exogamy, or marrying outside your ethnic group, is traditional and normal.  The part that isn’t would be promoting out-marriage as better or more moral than marrying someone who could be your (close) cousin but isn’t.   328 more words


@VRWCRadio at 8pm 10-21-14 edition - #Obama causes crowd to leave - @QuintonReport covers, Democrats play the race card ahead of elections, and much more

The gang is all here at 8pm to discuss a jam-packed weekend of news
– Obama attended an Anthony Brown fundraiser here in Maryland (h/t QuintonReport). 67 more words


Conservatives Cluster Around Fox News, While Liberals Vary News Sources

The most ideologically extreme Americans, both liberals and conservatives, have this much in common: they dominate our politics and drive our political discourse with far more influence than people with more mixed views. 297 more words

Who gives a damn anyway? Inertia, electoral fatalism, or just not enthused by the choices on offer

This graph shows the votes for Labour and the Conservatives for every General Election since 1935. It also shows the number of votes cast for other parties, and the number of people who did not vote. 431 more words

Electoral Reform

Portfolio Change – Coca-Cola Co.

  I am going to say good-bye to long-time conservative candidate Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO – $40.41), which warned investors not to expect big earnings growth next year as it deepens cost-cutting programs to offset weak sales volumes around much of the world. 126 more words