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Property Rights

Without property rights, no other rights are possible.

Ayn Rand


Having Trouble Finding Work? Maybe It is Because Employers Are Really Just Harvesting Your Data.

Someone I know and respect asked me to write something about the difficulty of finding a job these days on behalf of one of their loved ones and so here it is. 1,055 more words

Conservative Thought

Black on White Crime is Fun, White on Black Crime is Racism

I have two grand daughters attending Texas A&M. One of them at the campus where this incident occurred. It is a typical under reported account that reveals the deep hatred lurking in the souls of the black community. 134 more words



This is an introduction to what may go down in history for the world’s shortest yet most complete post reporting on the following topics:

Number of chinese or caucasian police shooting race riots in the USA in the last 50 years. 157 more words


Abortion: Crime or Legal Murder?

By: Boss James

In Canada, abortion is one of the problems on Stephen Harper’s hands. Abortion is a process when an unborn child is killed either medically or surgically. 252 more words

Black Conservative

Too many blacks have been swindled by the liberals into thinking that oh the conservatives are racist and don’t want to help you when the Republican Party founders were abolitionists and the Democrats were the racist party the conservatives have always been at the forefront of legislation to help blacks the liberals just keep us divided into groups and keep you as voting stock by giving you free stuff I hope others of my race will wake up