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VICTORY: An Irony in Politics

Anyone who has glanced at a paper or watched the evening news over the past week will most likely be aware that it is currently party conference season in Britain. 475 more words


A surprising example of women choosing money over status, childcare edition.

There is a strange local phenomenon where I live (whitopia) in which women working desk jobs are taking lower pay and fewer hours than those jobs paid and provided during the housing bubble and even through the crash, while women offering nanny or babysitting services are asking for higher wages and more hours, and getting them. 251 more words



Obama and I are finally on the same page, aligned, brothers of different mothers.

He would disagree but then again, how does he know what he thinks– the polling data isn’t back yet. 137 more words


Obama's Collateral Damages

I wonder if Obama missed any campaign fund raisers.

Now the political appraisers,

Assess all the collateral damages.

Can one man create so much damage from new changes? 26 more words




We all form opinions, based on the first information we get, tempered by our basic assumptions, biases, prejudices. Once formed, we only change our opinion on the basis of personal experience, not new knowledge or other people’s experience.  618 more words

Liberal Conservatism

New Brunswick has just made it through another provincial election season, and the Liberals have won the majority government… These are the facts.  How I, along with many others from my local community, feel about them is another story. 530 more words

Dear Diary

conservative woman suggests we stop rape by teaching girls to dress modestly

Source article: http://tinyurl.com/oeyyzvy

Setting aside the fact that Laura Ingraham works for Fox News, this is yet another example of why it’s so important to educate everyone about rape culture. 256 more words