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Baby SEALS, SEALS, Your Babies are In Good Hands

Baby Seals
Tanner “There he is, I spotted my daddy!”
Gunner “Do you see mine?”
Tanner ‘Yeah, he’s over there in position. 197 more words


What's the Worst Sin Against Humanity?

What’s the worst sin against humanity?

Is it when you sit back with a severed conscious and see all the insanity?

And do nothing…

Is it when you quietly sit back and watch with pure vanity? 95 more words


The Death of Hitler's Evil

If we understand that ISIS is the new Hitler. We can understand as Americans how to prevent them from growing bigger and stronger. Just like our fathers fought during their biggest battles of World War II. 284 more words


Are You Living Inside a Protective Bubble?

Just an observation: So many people who claim to be Conservative/Republican & yes, even Christian… are so disengaged as to what is going on in this country. 427 more words

You're Not African American, You're Black

Today in a conversation, I said “black” and someone else interjected, “Don’t you mean African American?”

No, I don’t mean African American. I don’t go around asking people to call me an “Irish American,” or a “German American,” or “Caucasian.” If somebody was going to refer to me, they would simply say, “That white guy over there.” 130 more words


I'm feeling today that I wish President George Bush was in Charge

It seems when President George Bush was president.

I didn’t feel this present


How is that I feel like Obama is a stranger.

I constantly feel like I’m in clear and present danger. 34 more words