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Budget legislation will end fees for paper bills, introduce new rules for foreign investment reviews

The Conservative government unveiled a fall budget bill Thursday that will put an end to telecommunication companies charging customers for paper bills and give federal authorities more leeway for national security reviews conducted under the Investment Canada Act. 559 more words


Salmond the Bear, The Ecstasy and The Agony

Alex Salmond is a titan of Scottish politics; bear like in his size and scale.

He holds the political narrative every Thursday morning at First Ministers’ questions gripped in his paw. 682 more words


Conservatives made spears to protect themselves from shooter in Parliament

OTTAWA – Conservatives were prepared to protect themselves – and Prime Minister Stephen Harper – with homemade spears as a shooter stalked the halls of Parliament on Wednesday. 755 more words



THIS happened today: I learned about a “shocking horror musical” based on the murderer, Luka Magnotta. The sleazeball who struggled for fame in the modeling industry for a few years before realizing hard work wasn’t his thing and murder was a much easier way to get the celebrity he believed he deserved. 143 more words

"Bad Politics And Worse Policy": GOP’s Minimum Wage Disaster; How Chris Christie And Scott Walker Are Stepping In It

Buoyed by surveys showing that voters overwhelmingly support raising the federal minimum wage, Democrats have held Republicans’ feet to the fire this year, pressing GOP candidates and officeholders to take clear stands on the issue. 488 more words


"Inequality Starts In The Crib": The United States Is Not A Meritocracy

The entire conservative ideological program on economics depends on cosmic justice: the idea that those who develop talent and work hard will succeed as they deserve, while those who are lazy and without skills will fail as they ought. 551 more words


"Real Improvements In People’s Lives": John Kasich’s Unforgivable Truth About Obamacare

When we Washington types sit around and handicap the GOP field for 2016, we tend to talk about the known quantities, the people prancing around before us on a daily basis thrusting their elbows in one another’s general direction, your Pauls and Cruzes and Perrys and so on. 957 more words