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UKIP's gain is only really a loss for the Tories

I often wonder, when people look back to this period of time and study the history of British politics, what will they look at, what will the study? 554 more words


From the Editor's Perch...

Question Rebellion


It has been found that when blind-from-birth persons have had their sight restored by operative means, they don’t automatically ‘see’ like you or I.  797 more words


The New Year

It is only September 2 and it feels like a new year is beginning. As one who just before going to bed closes the windows, locks the doors, and puts out the lights, yesterday there was a closure process and a mass exodus from the New Jersey shore. 639 more words


Milwaukee Is What the Religious Right Wants Our School System to Be

This is a bad thing, by the way. One of the tells that education ‘reform’ is about everything other than student learning is that most reformers are… 841 more words


"The Promise Of So Much Money": For 2016 GOP Candidates, Does Courting The Kochs Bring More Risk Than Reward?

While most Americans were settling in for a long weekend, many of the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates — Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mike Pence — … 744 more words


"Boehner's Constitution Of Convenience": Sermonizing Politicians Cannot Meet Even Their Most Rudimentary Responsibilities

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Especially when your glass house is the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House John Boehner made headlines last month, when he launched a… 739 more words