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At the end of Secondary 1, my form teacher remarked in my report book: “Siew Fong is a co-operative and reliable pupil. He is good-natured and is a… 703 more words

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Be Faithful As A Leader

Last Night I had the opportunity to hear some solid men describe different aspects of what Leadership can look like at Ohio Christian University’s 2014 Leadership Forum. 552 more words

Sports: Where I First Fell in Love with Teamwork

As a product of Southeast Michigan born in the early 1980s, sports were a very important part of my life. I grew up with what I believe are some of the most amazing “teams” of all-time. 636 more words

What Do You Look for in Character Code Consistency?

You ever read a story and the character does something that seems out of place?  Maybe the noble hero flat out killed someone for insulting him.  289 more words


Motivation doesnt keep you going, consistency does.

I was so tired after work today and was almost talking myself out of going to the gym. Even when I had my gym clothes on I was telling myself that I was way too tired. 64 more words


Sporadic poster, your blog is now ready.

It’s funny how I feel guilty about not consistently updating a blog that only a handful of people read/subscribe to. But it’s probably the huge cherry Danish I just ate that triggers the deeper scarlet shame heating my cheeks. 139 more words


Minds, Thoughts And Hypocrisy

The mind is an odd thing
Thoughts are fleeting. What we “think” one day is completely different the next. Opinions change, morality itself can change. The people who’s company we enjoy today grate on our very soul years later. 178 more words