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Parenting together

Parenting with another whether they live with you or not is tough. You are two (or more when you add step parents in the mix) people with different ideas, thoughts and perceptions on how to parent. 135 more words


A New Skill

As someone who is notorious for countless ideas and novelty, I have finally started to practice a skill which has laid dormant since HS - consistency! 414 more words

Daily Life

The Day I Broke Mr. Winter’s Rule

The Day I Broke Mr. Winter’s Rule

I was talking to a friend recently. She’s an experienced probation officer in a juvenile court working with delinquent teens on probation. 673 more words


Consonants articulate words while sustained vowels carry the voice into the world. We do not intone on a [g] or a [t] or a [p], but how forcefully or gracefully we produce consonants affects the vowel that follows and contributes to the quality of the voice. 254 more words

Can I get a "Woot"!?

It was a night!

Such a night! – WOOT! :)

I get to continue celebrating the little things.  In August, I wrote about my disappointment in how much I had dropped back over the summer because I let things go.   362 more words


Grey’s Anatomy and the Duquette Disaster: PR Edition

By: Erica Stonehill @estonehill13

For the past nine years, Grey’s Anatomy viewers have been dragged through shock and scandal, praying that the inner workings of their own hospitals weren’t as dramatic as this fictional one. 424 more words

Public Relations

Follow Me

A few weeks ago, I had more traffic than usual on my blog as I dove headfirst into the Brittany Maynard story. I am always fascinated by the stories that attract people’s attention, especially when there’s more to the story than a simple cursory glance. 997 more words