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Your body of work is important

As a creative person, the challenge you are faced with is to create something every single day. When you start out, in the initial phase the excitement keeps you going, but after a few weeks, months may be, you feel you have said everything you wanted to about the topic; or may be painted or drawn everything you wanted or ever imagined in your mind. 455 more words



In business, social and personal interactions, trust is a vital element in establishing a healthy and lasting relationship.

Trust is built up over time and through consistency of action. 252 more words


The Marathon (rant)

It is a marathon not a sprint. When you want to get fit, you need to be going consistently. If you don’t you’re honestly just wasting your time and money. 484 more words


Do you work for the same company?

I know nothing about fantasy sports. Until I read the Yahoo! front page, I thought fantasy sports was something adults engaged in in the privacy of their own bedroom. 60 more words


Friday Fun Fact: August 22, 2014

Every Friday I will post a Fun Fact for your enjoyment.  These will usually consist of some kind of trivia that you can use to impress the ladies. 73 more words

Fun Fact Friday

#SexDilly: Sex Just Got A Makeover, Are You Worth The CCPISS Theory?

Sometimes I sit and stare into my redesigned earth, my creation of solitude, insomnia and sexual frequencies with an ashtray to the left and a neon stray suit, a crown on my head… And my man laying motionless and feeling conquered by my newly invented style of sex. 1,026 more words