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I’m still attempting to learn how to consistently micro-blog. It’s very difficult for myself because I have an absurd amount of ideas and thoughts that run through my mind that I contemplate writing about. 133 more words

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ― Mark Twain

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Small But Consistently

At times we might get a bit overwhelmed by the work that we need to do in order to achieve what we have set for ourselves. 60 more words

Similarities between my Pomeranian and a Pig

  • The snoring.
  • She snorts around, looking for anything edible
  • The physical shape of her body
  • The way she looks at you over your laptop screen when she thinks you aren’t looking and you are simultaneously eating anything with crumbs that you won’t share…
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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well, woodchucks can definitely chuck wood, if by chuck you mean eat.

Food and Feeding Behavior: Herbaceous plants proved the bulk of the diet of this herbivore which may consume up to 681 g (1.5 lb) of vegetation per day. 343 more words


Hold up (Lord of the Flies)

Hold the hell on now: Is Lord of the Flies terrifying because it is obvious, or because it is hiding in plain sight?


Harriet the Spy


Harriet the Spy

I just want to say that as a writterly child that was too “smart for her own good” in the wake of divorce, this movie was one of my saving graces. 634 more words