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I Peter 5:8

Matthew 21:9

Mark 15:14

The same crowd that cried “Hosanna! Hosanna!” chanted “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” only days later.

Their allegiance shifted dramatically in a short period of time. 70 more words


Sweating and smiling

Being less than two years out of college the whole 9-5 work schedule is still a bit daunting to me. The first months of working 9-5 I said, ‘I have no time,’ and ‘I’m too tired,’ to work out. 352 more words


Doing It All, Just A Little Differently

Snow. Not what a southern California girl expects to see in the middle of April. But I’m here in Wisconsin and snow has greeted me. My LA winter wardrobe is not up to this, but as we all do when we do not have the needed resources, we make do. 460 more words


Exercise 16

29 pushups and at least 20 more, I think.  

There were some situps done too. 

It occurred to me what the solution could be to me being bored exercising.   29 more words

Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration  

 It’s spring! It’s Easter! Its family time!

 The days are longer and warmer. It’s time to have some fun, eat chocolate and celebrate.  190 more words

Interior Design

The Struggle of the Juggle: the art of training new employees


Step 1: Bounce a ball back and forth in a consistent manner.  (Note: This is the most crucial step and consistency is key! Do not move on to step two until you are able to master this action with your eyes closed or even in your sleep?) Step 2: Add in ball number two. 201 more words

Small Business Funding Coach

I’ll Never Be A Secret Agent (And I'm OK With That)

I’ll Never Be A Secret Agent (And I’m OK With That).  Or, this article could also be titled “How being organized and predictable makes me a better mom, driver, dry cleaner customer and person.” 646 more words

Life Management