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Crash Time 2 Review

Recently re-released on digital storefronts, Crash Time 2 is a game that tries to converge Criterion’s Burnout Paradise with Taito’s Chase H.Q.

PROS: Visuals hold up surprisingly well. 1,173 more words


How The Smash Bros. Release Dates Illustrate Nintendo's Current Problems

Overall the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct this week brought a lot of hype, but the big takeaway for most people was likely the heavily staggered release dates of the 3DS and Wii U versions. 433 more words


Reposted Review: Bioshock Infinite

(Originally posted on the lapsed Retro Retreat)

Bioshock Infinite. Is it worthy of all of the praise?

For some this review will seem rather unnecessary. By now, you’ve seen every journalist from every magazine, website, show, or newscast talk about how great Bioshock Infinite is. 1,162 more words


Need For Speed: The Movie

I am reviewing the film Need For Speed: The Movie which is very good. This game is based on the successful console and computer game franchise. 232 more words


Fire TV: The First Good Android Console?

Amazon’s new Fire TV looks like the first really  big attempt at what people have been speculating on for a while now — a transference of the existing mobile operating system market to the living room. 547 more words


Reposted Review: Binary Domain

                                (Originally posted on Retro Retreat before its hiatus.)

Every so often a title comes along that gets a lot more flak tossed upon it than it actually deserves. 1,756 more words