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Nintendo's Digital Distribution Makes Surprising Leaps (...For Nintendo)

For something like 10 years now Nintendo has been the butt of every conversation about video games and online infrastructure. I’ve sometimes been in defense of the ideas behind what the company is trying to do, and with recent efforts you have to admit they’re getting better, even if there’s one glaring issue left they need to resolve. 759 more words


Top 5 Console Games That Didn’t Shine in Mobile

When PC gamers are in a mood to get entertain from games, they have lots of choices to do so. Even after the arrival of mobile era, top PC games are still there, attracting users to play and have some exciting fun within. 964 more words


Review: Pokemon ORAS DEMO

The Pokémon hype is real folks! It’s a little funny how the older generation that grew up with the Pokémon franchise is much more excited about this despite the common misconception that the game is only geared towards younger audiences. 345 more words


Mobile games to overtake console revenues in 2015 -- and Apple's revenue could double Nintendo's

The console business has ruled gaming for years. But its reign may officially end next year.

The mobile game business is expected to surpass console games in revenue in 2015, according to… 434 more words


3rd party N64 Games That Didn't Suck Volume 1: Beetle Adventure Racing!

Okay hold up…

I originally wrote this and published it on 1up in 2009. You may have seen a link to that post in the “N64TPEDS” section that’s gone now. 1,104 more words


Review: Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Today we have another game review! The new Super Smash Bros. 3DS came out earlier this month and holds the burden of expectations from its 3 predecessors. 584 more words


You Done With PS3 and 360 Yet?

I feel like this fall is about the right time to really start looking back on the last generation of console games. One thing that involves I think is taking inventory of any games in your PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, or PSP libraries you still haven’t played or finished yet. 982 more words