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007 Blood Stone is a short but sweet Bond adventure

I’ve been spending a little bit of time working my way through my PS3 backlog (or I was before I got redirected to use my Move to work a little of the flab off my middle-aged carcass, but that’s another story. 948 more words


The Most Plausible PC Ports I Want From Capcom

SEGA is pleased with the opening performance of the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles which should hopefully continue the company’s long trend of bringing its classics to PC. 939 more words


My Beef with Destiny (Destiny Review)

I’m sure by now that most people have played or at least heard about the new game from Bungie, Destiny. At first look I was convinced that it was just another “Halo” game with a different name but eventually, I gained a little more faith in it and gave it a try, at first I was pleasantly surprised but that wore off a while after I finished the game. 1,178 more words


The XP Rat Race, and Why I'm Starting to Fall in Love with Single-Player Games Again

Hey Y’all, been a while!  You’re looking beautiful as ever ;)

Thought I’d give you a little bit of an update on my gaming life:  of course, as soon as I started recording FFIX LP eps, I saw that Legend of Dragoon was on the PlayStation Store.   830 more words


Nintendo Direct: IP Parading And IP Neglect

Nintendo’s November 2014 Direct told me one thing above all else: it’s trying to prop up the value its franchises as much as possible. All of them. 813 more words


Nintendo's Digital Distribution Makes Surprising Leaps (...For Nintendo)

For something like 10 years now Nintendo has been the butt of every conversation about video games and online infrastructure. I’ve sometimes been in defense of the ideas behind what the company is trying to do, and with recent efforts you have to admit they’re getting better, even if there’s one glaring issue left they need to resolve. 759 more words