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3rd party N64 Games That Didn't Suck Volume 1: Beetle Adventure Racing!

Okay hold up…

I originally wrote this and published it on 1up in 2009. You may have seen a link to that post in the “N64TPEDS” section that’s gone now. 1,104 more words


Review: Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Today we have another game review! The new Super Smash Bros. 3DS came out earlier this month and holds the burden of expectations from its 3 predecessors. 584 more words


You Done With PS3 and 360 Yet?

I feel like this fall is about the right time to really start looking back on the last generation of console games. One thing that involves I think is taking inventory of any games in your PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, or PSP libraries you still haven’t played or finished yet. 982 more words


Evil Quest Review

In the grand scheme of things, few games cast you in the role of the bad guy.  Sure, there are the heavy hitters like Grand Theft Auto… 1,602 more words


The End of Console Gaming in Japan?

That sounds bad to any gamer that loves games.  I for one love my console games.  Mobile gaming just can’t compete, and computers are a very expensive alternative.  556 more words

Xbox 360/One

Gimme hold of that narrative!

Narrative ambiguity is a central feature in Journey; a pro for those of us who enjoyed playing/watching the game, irritating and inconclusive for those who did not. 521 more words


The Eye: In Gaming and Other Forms of Media


I’ve noticed a trend in the different mediums I’ve come in contact with lately.  

What is the cultural significance of this eye and why do we fear it? 399 more words