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Console and PC game markets doomed to shrink, analyst firm predicts

So much for the enthusiasm around next-generation game machines.

Console and PC game revenues are expected to decline 11 percent from $46.5 billion in 2014 to $41 billion by 2019, according to a report from analyst firm… 242 more words


Drakengard 3 and Today's JRPG

Over the last year or more the PS3 has entered that phase of its lifespan where the niche Japanese RPGs start to arrive. As I peek at maybe a couple hours of one of those games — … 844 more words


Wolfenstein: The New Order Review - A Surprising Rebirth

The original Wolfenstein 3D on PC occupies a special place in my personal pantheon of gaming. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have gaming consoles in our house – a problem I rectified as soon as I had a job and a car and could buy my own without permission – but we were allowed to play games on our family PC. 1,976 more words

PC Games

Signified: Fire and Shade.


In the arcade dark, desperation blazed.

Late 90′s: Everyone knew the trade was dead, that arcades were unsustainable.

That didn’t stop new ones from opening. 1,414 more words


Home-brewed game jam weekends

As you probably saw in my Pen&Papper article series, making a game nowadays is not as hard as it was back in the The Lost Vikings… 841 more words


Mass Effect Fan Endings

Anyone know or have any good fan written alternate endings to mass effect?

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Retro Reboot: The 'Strike' Series

If you owned a Sega Megadrive (known as the ‘Genesis’ in the USA), then you’re likely to have played one of the ‘Strike’ games. It was the done thing, back then, like owning a copy of Sonic 2, or saying that everything was “Awesome”. 815 more words

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