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Conduit Retrospective Part Two: Conduit 2 Review

The Wrath Of Kahn. Empire Strikes Back. Judgment Day. Sequels sometimes do surpass their precursor stories in every way possible. All while continuing the overall arc. 2,708 more words


Tomb Raider And A Post-Exclusives Console War

Honestly it feels a bit strange to see people arguing over exclusives on game consoles in 2014. I just feel like the market has evolved so much since the days when people argued over whether  962 more words


Just in case you weren't aware, Continue Play has migrated

Hi everyone,

Just in case you weren’t aware, Continue Play migrated to being a self-hosted site earlier this year.

The self-hosted site has a number of additional features as well as a much more professional design. 321 more words


Full Version Of Happy Wheels To Enjoy This Game Fully




When you play the Happy Wheels Demo online you are limited to the amount of tracks that you can play on and the quantity of characters that you could have fun with. 939 more words

Retro Reboot: Dino Crisis

Fifteen year old Andy would never have admitted it, but Capcom’s survival-action thriller Dino Crisis scared the pants off me.
I keenly remember jumping out of my skin whenever I heard the distinctive noise of the raptors lurking around the corner, or the bone-chilling cries of the pterosaur as it circled above, waiting to ambush me, pick me up and toss me into the nearby air conditioning unit. 698 more words

Andrew Hemphill

25 Years Of SEGA Genesis: My Personal Experience

This one kind of went right by me, but the SEGA Genesis turned 25 years old in North America this week. I didn’t even put it on… 654 more words


The Conduit Retrospective Part One: The Conduit Review

Conspiracy theories can always make for a good story. Sometimes they are simply a fun romp held together by contrivances, and speculation. Other times they are deep stories, that bring up philosophical questions. 2,455 more words