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A Darker Uncle-Daddy.

“It’s all a beta test until destruction. Then we move on to the next system.” Says the Illuminated one.

“We know the system we have incalcated into this civilization has a use-by date so we always make sure we have our secret places to go in times of peace and war or (un)natural disaster. 401 more words


Do Jews Really Control the British Press ?

UK Lockdown

Uploaded on 18 Feb 2009

A Short Film that Demonstrates the Excessive Level of Control that Jews Have Over the British Press

Politics And Political Corruption

Our Misfortune

Women Against Jews

Published on 16 Dec 2014

Dr. Pierce points out how well known Jews such as Freud, Einstein, and Salk have been hyped by the media and compares their alleged achievements to the destruction done to our race by Jews such as Karl Marx and Sumner Redstone.

Politics And Political Corruption

THE DALLAS ACTION~PT.40: "Bill Simpich, Week 2: Ruth & Michael Paine".

CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN!http://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953/the-dallas-action-pt-40-bill-simpich-wk2

Hello! Another fascinating conversation with author Bill Simpich this week. Using his book”The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend(and specifically the chapter “The Hand Off From DeMohrenschidt To The Paines”, found here: opednews.com/populum/authorspagem.php?sid=41722 ) as background, Mr. 130 more words

It’s Not Just Conspiracy Theorists: This CIA Whistleblower Backs Up Claims ISIS (And Ebola) Were Made In The USA | True Activist

How many reports of clandestine actions by governments does it take before the excuse that it was the actions of rogue elements within the system and not the system iself does it take before we believe the Snowdens and Assanges of this world should be listened to and not destroyed. 55 more words