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Upturning the Page - The Deconstruction of Dan Page

This is only part one of our investigation into SGM/Officer Dan Page – Stay tuned as more information comes forward.

Most of you may not be aware that I have been looking into the background of Sergeant Major Daniel Page since May.  959 more words


More FEMA Camp Proof! (Again, not really)

In a brand spanking new vide released on YouTube, Alex Jones takes a call from an anonymous guest who claims to be a Naval Aviator who will provide proof that FEMA camps really exist.  457 more words



Its the same in the UK Police corruption, as you say its from the top down, the police are allowed to get away with shit so it can be used against them and so they do their masters bidding without question, a power trip,, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, its a deep subject to explain but you do a good job trying, peace out mate…Hunter… 127 more words

Politics And Political Corruption

Jay Parker - Satanic Illuminati Family Abuse & The Mind Control Case Of John Du Pont


Published on 12 May 2013

Jay Parker further shares with Alex Ansary his past as a mind control sex slave in a illuminati family in Arden, Deleware. 57 more words

Politics And Political Corruption