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Critical Theory yes, Conspiracy Theory no

Sometimes online I see people who I have thought seemed reasonable, critically minded repeat stupid and embarrasing conspiracies theories but understanding how the  fucked up REAL world can drive people to anything you want to forgive them, hoping that their conspiracie theories are only a small distraction or a phase they will move past with a deeper analysis, understanding of History, politics, economy, Ideology, but sometimes the stupidity is so offensive/embarrassing it’s just to much, to ignore about someone you might havee otherwise respected and the goodness of their heart or intentions is not enough to cover for ‘theories’ that might range from offensive to fifferent groups of people to a waste of time and worst a distraction from focus on the all too real enemies of the world; capitalism, Empire, Class and more for I certainly don’t  claim that there are no forces or poers pulling the strings of the world or whatever but that instead of looking for them in the most ridiculous places be it space aliens, medieval secret societies or a few hidden individuals or groups of people thereal enemie is right in front of them, it’s what you go to work for every day, what you pay your bills to every month, what turns everything into a commodotie and everyone into a wage slave.  200 more words


Monarch Mind Control Suspect In Kansas City Shooting Spree Was A Major FBI Informant In The 1980s

The shooting rampage that took place in Overland Park KS at the Jewish center, was done by someone who was a major FBI asset in the ’80′s! 189 more words


The Sinking MV Sweol in South Korea

Recently I read a couple articles on CNN and The Huffington Post about the South Korean ferry ship that sunk last week. The MV Sewol… 1,123 more words


LISTEN TO 2:44 – 3:03

With that colorful story that we all could relate to, one is perplexed with a question that rattles a man’s manhood: Does water bottles in the sun give you estrogen? 358 more words

How events around my husband's death, gaslighting, led me to gang stalking.

When we were priced out of London, we moved to Yorkshire, where my husband had relatives.

We thought he was clear of cancer, but with only a year to the all-clear 5 year period, it came back – aggressively and at multiple sites. 1,113 more words

Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe Settle High-Tech Workers' Lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) — Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe Systems have settled a class-action lawsuit alleging they conspired to prevent their engineers and other highly sought technology workers from getting better job offers from one another. 804 more words


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Shot Down by US? Author John Chuckman Asks Questions About Missing Plane

By Jack Philips

An author is claiming that missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 was shot down by U.S. forces–either deliberately or accidentally–and they want to cover it up, according to reports. 224 more words