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Tongue-Thai’ed! - Tough week for Prayuth ends in another tirade

Originally published at Siam Voices on January 30, 2015

This is part XXIX of “Tongue-Thai’ed!”, an ongoing series where we collect the most baffling, ridiculous, confusing, outrageous and appalling quotes from Thai politicians and other public figures. 806 more words


Nifty Fifty's And A Decades Long Conspiracy By Owners And Managers

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A sixth and final defendant has now pleaded guilty in a massive tax evasion conspiracy that spanned the existence of the Nifty Fifty’s restaurant chain until the scheme was uncovered in 2010.  118 more words


don't trust the drug companies

Big Pharma is straight-up evil, let me explain why!

some background information: Medicare is the largest single buyer of drugs in America, making up a significant portion of the market share all by itself. 281 more words

Man arrested in connection to alleged arson speaks

PALATINE BRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One of two men charged in an arson investigation confessed to his role in the fire to NEWS10 ABC.

Michael Allan Tibbits, 45, was arrested and charged with conspiring to help another man set two different fires. 417 more words



Beck Suspects Romney Bowing Out Was Part of Secret Deal with Jeb Bush

Remember that secret meeting Romney and Bush had this month? Well, Beck figured that was about both men admitting they would “kill each other”

330 more words
Liars, Thieves & Crooks

music industry scam

guest post:

“hah-hah wow, anything on line is easily rippable, its a massive black hole screw scam job, unless you the one scamming, then its glorious and great… once it goes to 1’s and 0’s, its over, period… photon encryption is the only chance, tied to hardware, with keys shared somehow, which is the catch cause how do you share a digital key without quantum encrypting that with its own key?? 189 more words


Room 237 (2012) Review

I’m never going to be able to appreciate films on the level that others seem to. I’m not one to see hidden themes or abstract moments and what they mean in a higher level. 697 more words