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The fraud that shaped the world.

“Donation of Constantine” or, how the church stole the supreme power from all sovereign kings and queens and made them “forever” puppets to the pope. 657 more words

Cross and rosary grossly insult God

Why are the cross and rosary considered as gross insults to God? Historically, the cross was introduced in 312 A.D by Constantine the Great, who was a Roman Emperor, while the rosary was introduced by St. 682 more words

Religious Deception

Our Great Father is Gone: the death of Constantine I.

By special guest writer Sean Munger.

(Raphael’s Baptism of Constantine. Wikipedia)

After thirty-one years of a reign marked by endless intrigue, frequent war, religious turmoil and nothing less than the remaking of one Roman Empire into another (Byzantium), Constantine I died in Nicomedia on Whit Sunday, the 22nd of May 337. 876 more words

Byzantine History

St. Helena (Empress and beloved mother of Constantine I)

(St.Helena. Source Wikipedia)

St.Helena is a revered saint amongst Christians around the world, particular the orthodox community, for her tireless work with the poor and her contributions to the early church. 701 more words

Byzantine History

Constantine The Builder !

(Painting showing a cutaway view of Constantine’s Old St.Peter’s Basilica as it possibly looked in the fourth century. Source Wikipedia Commons)

In our modern age, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other leaders who serve in political office often hope that they leave behind an enduring legacy when they retire, resign or are defeated (generally in an election). 1,341 more words

Byzantine History

Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Although the English word “saint” began with Christianity, this concept exists in the Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslims faiths, as well. Most people think of a saint as someone who has been recognized for the special holiness in their life. 310 more words

Constantine The Great

Saint or Sinner ?

(Orthodox Bulgarian icon of Constantine and St. Helena. Used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Image by Brose. Source Wikipedia Commons.)

Constantine, without a doubt in my humble opinion, was a very strange man. 814 more words

Byzantine History