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What is a Dissertation? ( 23rd january )

What is a Dissertation?

  • Housekeeping.
  • Why do i have to do one?
  • The advantages of doing a dissertation.
  • The different forms they can take.
  • ‘Do – ability’.
  • 373 more words

PDP -Dissertation


 Graphic Design has changed significantly with the development of digital technology, to what extent has this affected the quality of design produced and the role of a designer. 1,016 more words


Evaluation of constellation ( sonic art ).

For my first term essay in second year i was late in submitting which area i wanted to be in, so i got my last choice for my essay. 267 more words


Dissertation prep

29th January 15.

So the thought of my dissertation is actually filling me with excitement, not something I thought I would feel a year ago. I don’t have an exact question or title in mind, which is to be expected this early in the process. 110 more words


PDP Constellation

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

My dissertation experience began rather negatively, due to the relatively low mark I obtained during my dissertation proposal. In consequence much hard work was required in order to improve my dissertation and enable it to be far more consistent with my subject marks, rather than a distinguishing flaw in my otherwise positive grades. 947 more words


Picking Subject

Got in super early to make sure I got the subject I wanted. I picked the study of the sonic arts first, I hope I get the group I wanted.

2nd Dissertation Artefact

Today I completed the 2nd artefact that forms part of my dissertation. The piece is about depression in women and the initial idea for it appeared in a dream I had. 74 more words