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Study Skills: Approaches to Analyzing Visual and Material Culture [16-10-2014]

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That is all.

Just kidding! But seriously, I was introduced to this genius way of analysing an image or visual piece and I feel like I can now say that I’ve seen it all. 388 more words


Post-perspective Lecture 9/10/14

During Jon Clarkson’s lecture on post-perspective, he raised points I found very helpful, which was about adopting a non- human view point. This will be a great help for creating certain illustrations especially the brief I’m currently working on which is Leaning for the Steep Slope by Italo Calvino. 22 more words



connection between making and meaning

That’s how  Dr. Jon Clarkson has started our Constellation on the 9th October 2014. An hour long lecture on Post-Perspective has been the most fascinating and interesting talk I have ever attended in many years of my study.

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study skills with Morag. 16-10-14

In this study skills session we were given a dissatation written  by  a former student and we had to break it down and re-write it in our own words after analysing it. 129 more words


Identifying a Question-Study Skills 1

So last Thursday we finally had our first study skills lecture! It was really interesting and inspirational with the main idea being that as artists and designers we will create our own style through our years of studying, and make the difference to the world. 318 more words


Historic USS Constellation Ship Moves Out Of The Inner Harbor For Repairs

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—History picks up and moves out of the Inner Harbor—at least for the next few months. The USS Constellation needs some work below the waterline. 355 more words


Constellation: Post-Perspective

Our first Keynote lecture was ‘Post-Perspective’, given by Dr. Jon Clarkson.

Perspective has always been something I’ve found difficult to incorporate into my own work and while this lecture was interesting, I’m not sure if it helped me to do that. 251 more words