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Contellations and their history

In the world there are not one history for constellations, their names and their shapes. Each ancient culture had their: Chinese, Greek, Mayan, Babylonian and etc. 224 more words



This year has been a very strange one but overall I believe it has been a lot more successful than the first year. For me personally, it has been a year full of experimentation with new techniques and processes in my work as well as the beginning of exploring new themes and concepts to use within my work. 826 more words


Constellation - Reading notes

How do subcultures offer androgynous fashion to women?

  • Subculture breaks the rules of societies view of accepted and “beautiful”. Purposely testing those who abide by the rules.
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PDP 2014

Throughout this year, we have been asked to find ourselves; to find our strengths and our own unique ‘voice’. I can’t say it’s something I have been able to actively hunt for, it’s difficult to tell what work I produce is my voice and what is my attempt to conform to what I think I’m expected to be. 967 more words



I’m just going to write up some notes from the lecture to clarify my thoughts.

Who were the minimalists?


Dissertation Proposed

That’s the full 1700 words done for the dissertation proposal which is a big relief for me as writing is not my forte. I’m still confused as to what the difference is between an abstract and introduction in terms of content. 87 more words