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Essay - Redone

Sarah Padbury
Clive Cazaux
Thinking At The Edge

If Design Is Infinitely Flexible Or An Invisible Concept, What Counts As
Good Design? 2,637 more words


Leo constellation

REGULUS: The lion’s heart

It’s s the brightest star in Lion’s constellation.

Nature: Mars and Jupiter

Magnitude: 1

Puó dare onore, desiderio di potere, magnanimitá, capacitá di conquista e di comando. 27 more words


Orion's Belt

Most couples have a favorite song, or a favorite movie or a favorite restaurant. We had a favorite constellation. Even though he’s no longer here, those stars still watch over me. 230 more words


The Depth of Freedom

Would you tell me 

how wide

how far

how deep

You dwell within?

Where You are

I am free

The Depth of Freedom


Discovery: Alcuin's Judith

A few weeks ago, I was shocked (shocked!) to experience another discovery. Not that I expected this project to stagnate, that all discoveries were behind me, that I would only be concerned with analysis from here on out–none of this is true–but it was the nature of the discovery that shocked me: I found yet another text for my corpus, by the Anglo-Saxon scholar Alcuin. 623 more words

Giveaway! - Hand Painted Leo Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace

Happy Birthday to all those born under the constellation Leo – July 22nd through August 21st!

I’m a Leo myself, so I thought I’d share the fun and have a little giveaway. 196 more words

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