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Anus: (n) the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which waste matter leaves the body.

There are many standards used for friendship. 311 more words

Wow Busy Busy Busy.

Good god over the last few days it’s been super busy, and we’ve just gotten a kitten!
Finley’s not been feeling too well today, he’s been constipated so has been moody. 124 more words



Antipathy: (n) a deep-seated dislike or aversion.

“Let’s take a vote!”

It was the scream that rattled a van I was traveling in many years ago with a bunch of kids from a church camp. 446 more words


So, here I stand: an entrepreneur.

When I sit down… I’m still an entrepreneur.

I think the rules state that I’m still an entrepreneur even when I get up to go get some of my strawberry yogurt pretzels out of the pantry. 245 more words