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Miracle Oil

I have been using a large quantity  of medication over the past few years and have decided to do some research on Natural remedies that might give some sort of relief for IBS and that does not cause any harm to the the other organs as you all know if it good for one thing it damages the other like my poor liver. 168 more words

Dr Oz: regular dose of bull

A part of me says that I should stop blogging about terrible advice given by Dr Oz. I know that I’m largely preaching to the choir. 249 more words

Making an IVORY Soap Suppository for a Constipated Newborn

With both of my sons, they went through a period of constipation during their newborn stage. Both of them were strictly breastfeeding and not taking any medications at the time. 650 more words


The Bathroom Chronicles

I may be a girly girl on some things, but I’ve never really understood the whole, “let’s have a conversation, as a group, in a public bathroom– while we empty our bodies of “waste” with our pants around our ankles” thing that women do(to each her own! 193 more words



Okay, so there is this oil called Di-Gize. I mean it pretty much sounds just like what it does. It helps with your digestion.

The past few days I have, well not been digesting things right. 107 more words

9 Ways To Relieve Constipation Naturally

Do you find yourself bloated, irritable or having heartburn? You just may be constipated. Among the many symptoms of constipation, being constipated can cause you a great deal of discomfort. 394 more words

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