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Laxafit- For Constipation

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Please take a few moments to view the Laxafit- For Constipation. deals, in order to get an idea about the top quality and features of this product item. 47 more words

Bill to Ban Constipation

Emmjay puts another one in for the mob. 

In a clear display of masterful leadership, the leader of Her Majesty’s Australian Opposition, Bill something has announced the Labor Party’s answer to Tony Abbott bringing back constipation. 159 more words


In the End…It’s All about Colon Health

By Marcia Zimmerman, CN, June, 2010

During a normal lifetime, 60 tons of food passes through the gastrointestinal tract – a tube that measures about 30 feet in length from mouth to anus. 792 more words

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warning this post is about poop

One of the more uncomfortable side effects of my intolerance to oils is constipation. Which I actually prefer over the flip side of the coin (diarrhea), mostly because I have to spend less time in the bathroom. 877 more words

Castor Oil

Benefits for Skin:

Helps clear acne, apply it at night and leave it on overnight for best results.

Helps fade away scars and stretch marks, apply daily for best results… 107 more words

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Rehab Journal Review: September 2014

PLOS One, August 2014

‘Did you read my sms thoughts?’ could be a reality sometime in future.  And the future might already be partly here. “ 864 more words

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Cow's Milk Protein & Constipation

Cow’s milk protein (CMP) has been causing constipation in children, and a study done shows that after just three days of not drinking cows milk, the constipation seized. 132 more words

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