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It hurts. It really does.


My heart wasn’t broken.

I haven’t revisited Homeland (the show) after that shattering season finale.

No. No. No.

Nobody died. 

But something did happen and it’s happening right now. 367 more words

Oil up! Yer preggers.

Pregnancy has been a hugely crazy adventure! It was scary going into it, thinking I was sacrificing my body, time and more… only then through my first and half of my second trimesters I realized that I had grossly underestimated how hard it was really going to be. 985 more words


Try It Tuesday

Fair warning, guys: today’s Try It Tuesday is about to get real, real fast.

The other night, my tummy was in some major pain. No, it was nausea. 428 more words

Apana Vayu Mudra / Hriday Mudra

Formation: Join the index finger to the base of thumb and join the tip of the thumb with middle and ring finger. Press the back of the index finger with thumb. 66 more words

Hasta Mudra

What is poop?

I know.  Poop is not the go-to topic for most people.  In fact, most people will try to avoid the topic all together.  Why?  Because it’s icky and gross!  454 more words

Bowel Movement

7 Things Your Poop Says About You - Prevention.com

Unless you’re a toddler in the throes of potty training, we’re going to guess you don’t spend much time talking about your bowel movements. Or even acknowledge that they happen. 193 more words