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Petit truc pour en finir avec les gros bedons et la constipation!

La constipation peut être dû à plusieurs facteurs : médicaments, antibiotiques, anti-douleurs, trop d’enzymes ou épaississement des parois intestinales…

Cela peut varier d’une personne à l’autre. 173 more words


A Learning Experience

Paula noticed Hugh struggle to the bathroom. “Everything okay?” she asked.

“Just some stomach trouble,” Hugh groaned.

“Constipated again?”

“Don’t really wanna talk about it right now,” moaned Hugh. 132 more words


Is Stevia giving me a Racing Heart? Or Was it Mold on the Herb?

I feel awful after consuming oats, dehydrated milk, ginger and stevia with water. Took 30 minutes and my heart starts racing and I feel faint. I pooped twice within an hour of eating, and after second poop, I don’t feel as faint. 142 more words

Constipation isn't Funny (or is it?)

If you’ve ever dropped a giant kid off at the pool, then today’s post is for you.  Yes, you’ve guessed it. The topic is: shitting and… not shitting.  43 more words

Utter Silliness

How Your Body Reacts to Fear


Body registers imminent annihilation via the senses.

Amygdala, part of the survival brain, takes control and neutralizes the thinking brain because there is literally no time for thought now. 838 more words


Triphala, for Dieting and Detoxifying

What is Triphala?

Triphala Churna is one of the most popular kitchen spices or herb that you can find in your pantry. It is in fact a combination of two Sanskrit words – Tri or three and Phala, which means fruit. 362 more words

Diet And Weight Loss

Sympathetic Pregnancy Hits the Chaos Team

You know about sympathetic pregnancy: It’s when you are pregnant and your partner starts to gain weight or have cravings, too. (It would be hard to watch your knocked-up other half take naps and indulge and not get a share of the action, right?) 449 more words