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Aha! Come now one and all
You simple-minded children of mine
Its evening time and your father is high
Come hear his constipated thoughts… 612 more words


This Easter - Top Constipation Foods: 5 Foods to Avoid and 5 to Eat

Sometimes nature just doesn’t call. At some point, everyone has experienced the gas, bloating, and discomfort of constipation. Fortunately, there are certain foods you can eat and avoid for relief. 987 more words

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I'm still here...

Ok, Ok I know I’ve been quiet these past few days since the chemo hammer dropped, but I’ve been trying to take it easy and see how my body was going to adjust to this barrage of toxic invaders. 155 more words

Breast Cancer

Exactly how Your Metabolism is Affected By Constipation And Weight Gain

Irregularity is one of lots of aspects that can cause a decreasing of your body’s metabolism. When metabolism is influenced, it ends up being progressively hard to reduce weight. 552 more words

Solgar PROBi for IBS - with LP299V - Elixirhealth.co.uk

Many trials have shown that a strain of bacteria called L Plantarum or specifically the one identified as LP299V is often missing from the gut of people suffering badly from IBS. 239 more words

Lolz ... And I thought pregnancy was hard ...

So, I’ve not been pregnant for over a year now … and I have finally figured out why women look back on their pregnancies with such complete and utter joy. 1,251 more words

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Potty talk for the dinner table...

New moms quickly discover that no subject is taboo. You find yourself discussing a mysterious rash (your childs or your own), going to the restroom in public with the door open (even if unintended) and poop. 285 more words

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