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4 Hidden Benefits of Exercise

Hey Doc…I’m Clueless! Why is exercise such a big deal? I just don’t see the benefit.

Great question! Most folks don’t get super excited about the thought of exercising; consequently, we put it off, or don’t get around to it at all. 578 more words



I have pondered for more than a week whether or not to tell this tale, and to be honest I don’t know at the moment that I am scratching out a first draft with pen and paper if I will actually complete it. 1,714 more words


Why Drinking Water Is SO Important

Why Drinking Water Is SO Important

  • Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and water is involved in almost every function our bodies carry out internally…
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Come on do the Jerk!

My arm flying above my head in a crazed impersonation of a one armed tarmac air traffic controller, I wondered what would happen if, as in the eruption of  Mt Vesuvius, disaster struck and I was instantly frozen in my position. 282 more words


Maintenance Programs

By coming in for a treatment, I know you have concerns about your digestive system, colon function, and that you want to give your body the best chance to heal itself.  491 more words

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Conquering Constipation

Talking about constipation can be difficult and when months of it happened to me I felt there were only a few people I could talk to about it, the terrible uncomfortable pain and then when I went to the loo there where screams of agony and distress (insert excessive swearing here). 599 more words