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Why The States Matter: By-Passing The Constitution On Electing A President

This time, the sky really is close to falling

For some time, there have been rumors and tidbits about the attempt by George Soros to find a way around the Electoral College.   307 more words

2016 Election

Strong Home Security… No Electricity Needed

Written by: Travis P

Fortification and security are constantly on the mind of people who prep, who carry a weapon and care for the safety and security of their families. 1,130 more words

Can you be happy if you are not secure in your property?

It must be obvious by now that the Founders weren’t infallible. They left us with a few conundrums, one of which has led to repeated attacks on our Constitutional Rights, as well as our Natural Rights. 725 more words


Bundy Ranch: What Have We Learned From It?

It’s been a busy week surrounding Bundy Ranch.  Watching it on television with all of the Federal agents coming in like gang busters has brought back memories of Ruby Ridge.  991 more words