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The Unfulfilled Oaths

In 65 years of Indian Constitution, which is a contract between government and citizens, the most important thing considered synonymous with it is fundamental rights. Fundamental rights are set of clauses which government pledged to fulfill with immediate effect on 26th Jan 1950. 833 more words


We are working not just to increase our economic growth but also quality of life of our people: Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sharing the India-US Business Summit dais with US President Barack Obama in New Delhi on Republic Day, said for India, the journey has been impressive…”But the road ahead is still long; because, the hopes that we wrote into our Constitution still elude many. 1,449 more words


Republican Thoughts

The one book which deserves to be mentioned today, the 26th of January (Indian Republic Day) is, of course, the Constitution of India, which was adopted on this date in 1950.  479 more words

Legally Speaking

Currently Reading - 25th Jan 2014

I hoard books. It is an inadvertent hobby. I still have books lying around my house which were purchased three years ago and have not been opened as yet. 113 more words

Mango People in a Banana Republic?

Exactly 65 years ago, the world’s greatest treatise on nation building – The Constitution of India came into force. We feel proud and so should you. 1,062 more words


Happy Republic Day!

 Come 26th January 2015, India will celebrate her 66th Republic Day. On this day, in 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect replacing the Government of India Act, 1935. 426 more words

2014, the year India became a Hindu state

First published in Scroll.in on 31 December 2014.

The Preamble to the Constitution of India describes the country as a “sovereign socialist secular democratic republic”. Describing itself as socialist in the Constitution does not make India socialist, of course. 1,148 more words