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Ebola and The Consitution

There is unfounded proof of Ebola, the debunking makes sense. Like the Constitution,  it makes sense and they knew how this take over was coming. The Constitution can not be suspended even in a state  of emergency. 271 more words

Police Department Requesting Facebook Passwords From Gun Permit Applicants

“It is… a common practice to view social media as a means to identify and determine character of a pistol permit applicant, in addition to other investigatory methods,” the department’s spokesperson told the applicant. 22 more words

Police State

New York Times investigative reporter James Risen is taking a stand. Despite being hounded by both the Bush and Obama administrations to reveal his sources, he has vowed to go to jail rather than abandon his pledge of confidentiality.

“As fellow journalists and journalism advocacy groups rush to his side, many fear that the US Department of Justice within the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history” is preparing to deliver a body blow to the First Amendment’s promise of press freedom.” 9 more words

Police State

Taken - "Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?"

“Be safe and keep up the good work,” the city marshal wrote to Washington, following a raft of complaints from out-of-town drivers who claimed that they had been stopped in Tenaha and stripped of cash, valuables, and, in at least one case, an infant child, without clear evidence of contraband.” 10 more words

Police State

Houston, we have a 1st Amendment problem!

Editor’s note: Chuck Norris’ weekly political column debuts each Monday in WND and is then syndicated by Creators News Service for publication elsewhere. His column in WND often runs hundreds of words longer than the subsequent release to other media. 113 more words


America's Not Ready for EBOLA, OR OBAMA

There are only 4 hospitals in America that have biocontamination units to contain EBOLA. These 4 hospitals all together can only administer care to less than twelve patients at a time. 166 more words


Christ the Lord, 1 Peter 3:18-20

You can listen to the sermon audio here (sorry the recording began late).

Main Point: The suffering Servant is the conquering King.

Annise Parker is the openly lesbian mayor of Houston. 2,973 more words

1 Peter