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Welcome to the start of WW3- America's still asleep

World war 1 and World War 2 both started after many treaties between countries were in place(intentionally) Then a chain reaction began each time an assassination of another countries V.I.P.(WW1 was Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, WW2 was the polish doctor Zygmunt Klukowski,even though many other factors led to this incident) 528 more words

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Constitution of Deepworld Beta v1.0


The goal of this “constitution” is not so much a fully fleshed out government entity complete with bill of rights, but a minimal set… 2,685 more words


The Vacant Presidency

United States of America is hopelessly led by an unfit and improvised charlatan, whose South Side of Chicago spin-politics style have all but propelled this nation to unparalleled disarray and turmoil. 602 more words