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This Is What Happens When You Only Visit Right Wing Sites

When you get your “news” from right-wing websites like CNS News, you tend to have a misinformed view of reality.  CNS News stands for Cybercast News Service and… 193 more words

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Congress Legislates Collection of Virtually All Americans' Communications Under Guise of "Regulation"

The Congress last week passed HR 4681, also known as the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015, and has now sent this bill to the president for signature into law. 792 more words

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Is Privacy Overrated?

According to Seventh Circuit federal appellate Judge Richard Posner, it is.

He writes that privacy in the 21st century, at least in the specific context of public spaces and constantly recording surveillance cameras, is essentially an archaic and indeed dangerous notion. 3,055 more words

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Rick Santorum Shows Us Again How Historically Illiterate He Is

On Monday, a conference call with Rick Santorum was released via YouTube by STAND, a right-wing conservative organization run by E.W. Jackson, a Virginia minister who has of course dabbled in politics.   248 more words

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