Jim Hightower | US Populist Movement Is on the Rise

WHAT IT IS: For some 238 years, it has been the chief political impulse in America’s body politick — determinedly democratic, vigilantly resistant to the oppressive power of corporations and Wall Street, committed to grassroots percolate-up economics, and firmly rooted in my old daddy’s concept of “Everybodyness,” recognizing that we’re all in this together.

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Human Rights

▶ The Intercept: Irate NSA Staffer Doesn't Like Being Filmed in Public, for Some Reason

In two videos posted on YouTube—each shot from a slightly different perspective—you can watch Beale politely question Mr. Z. about NSA programs, and watch Mr. Z.

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Constitutional Rights

Stephen Downing: What Policing Should Look Like

How can we build an ethical police force based upon the concept of Constitutional policing by consent?

Stephen Downing  Reason.com  September 2, 2014

Over the past four decades, the federal government has flooded American law enforcement with billions of dollars worth of financial incentives and military equipment in order to leverage local police toward support of the war on drugs—at the expense of law enforcement’s primary mission of public safety. 1,115 more words


Arrested Legal Observer: Ferguson a ‘Pilot Program’ for When Communities Respond to Police Brutality

 Each legal observer arrested in Ferguson was “arrested for doing their job,” NLG interim executive director Dan Gregor said.  Gregor described other concerns he had with the kind of “police overreaching” that had occurred in Ferguson.

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Constitutional Rights

Robert Reich: Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross, Sr.

Ross organized people to challenge police brutality, fight segregation, and become politically powerful…

  Robert Reich

Monday, September 15·

Fred Ross, Sr., was probably the most influential (but little-known) community organizer in American history.

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Constitutional Rights

Chris Hedges: Sacrificing the Vulnerable, From Gaza to America

 The people in Gaza deserve to be free. So do we. But do not look to our political mandarins for help, or expect anything but vaudevillian smoke and mirrors from the billions poured into our campaign circus.

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Corporate Empire