▶ Truthdiggers of the Week: Pardiss Kebriaei and the Center for Constitutional Rights

On Thursday, national security reporters Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill appeared at the IFC Center in New York City’s Greenwich Village after a screening of Scahill’s Oscar-nominated documentary, “Dirty Wars.” With them was…

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The Intercept: The Latest Twist in the Bizarre Prosecution of Barrett Brown

Brown wrote that “the emails will reveal a great deal about a lot of important subjects including wrongdoing by states and institutions,” specifying “mass surveillance cutting edge disinformation techniques.”

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Civil Liberties

The Nation: Why #BlackLivesMatter Actions Aren't Stopping

 “There are so many people out protesting police violence who are then met with police violence,” Nelson said. “If they didn’t understand how a Mike Brown or an Eric Garner could happen, they understand after a night of protest how a police interaction can become very violent and even deadly.

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Constitutional Rights

New Second Amendment Section Added

I just added a new category on the News Sites and Blogs page, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the new “Second Amendment & Gun Sites” section. 32 more words


▶ James Risen and Phil Donahue on Obama’s War on Press Freedoms

Published on Aug 15, 2014

TheRealNews: Award winning journalists James Risen and Phil Donahue discuss the importance of grassroots movements in preserving the basic tenants of democracy at a time of unprecedented attacks on whistle-blowers and journalists. 50 more words

Constitutional Rights

▶ "I Cant Breathe" by PEACE POETS

Published on Dec 12, 2014

Song written by Luke Nephew, Peace Poets
Video edited by Frank Lopez, Peace Poets

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Constitutional Rights

Chris Hedges: A Society of Captives

Corporations have captured every major institution, including the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, and deformed them to exclusively serve the demands of the market.   

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Corporate Empire