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Invite from Carol Bundy

Received April 15, 2014  at 5:56pm


I love you and what you have done for us so much.  I want to invite you to a party this Friday along the beautiful Virgin River near our home. 194 more words

Bundy Ranch

Guest Posting - Common Core Bedfellows: Strange, indeed!

Many thanks to MJ Kurdys for her wonderful guest posting!

Common Core Bedfellows

Strange, indeed!

     Two years. That is how long since two Hoosier moms became aware of something called  455 more words

Common Core

Just in From Carol Bundy

Received April 15, 2014  3:44 pm

Hi again,

I just want to be very clear, we need to maintain a large crowd at the protest site in order to keep the media focused on this issue. 110 more words

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Justina Pelletier ~ This is a real violation of constitutional rights

This is what American’s should be outraged about !!! Is there a militia out there that can get the same results as it did for cattle? 25 more words

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Cattle Trespass Impact

This is the Cattle Trespass Impact that was deleted from the BLM website. It proves illegal abuse of the Bundy Ranch for monetary gain. Even shows that the Walton Family are in on it. 18 more words

Bundy Ranch

Ten Thoughts on Cliven Bundy, the BLM and Me!

In contemplating responses to last night’s blog, it seems there are a few points I need to make more clear. I’ve also come up with a few morsels for you to chew on: 440 more words