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When did going to the movies become so difficult?

Capability constraints. That was the first issue when two people decided to go to the movies. Who knew it could be so hard to decide an actual geographical location in which to see the movie. 229 more words

Process: Going to the Movies

Task: Go to the Movies

It seems to always be a simple thing to accomplish – asking people if they would like to go to a movie. 828 more words


At least somewhat blue

And so, we come to the end of my extended marriage metaphor with a little something blue. I think the great thing about this metaphor is that it has meant not having to be completely in the dark when it comes to picking a writing piece. 889 more words


Revit Structure Tutorial – Attaching Structural Objects Together

When modelling Structural objects such as walls, columns and trusses it is sometimes very useful to attach the top or bottom of these elements to other structural objects such as roofs, floor slabs and foundations etc. 443 more words


Dare you say I didnt love you.

Jenny was an up coming entrepreneur who had a disturbed family life. Her mom gets hysterical over small issues to an extent she begins abusing her father and one day.. 239 more words

Interview with Comedian Pippa Evans

JH: The first question we’re going to ask you is why do you – and we use the word ‘art’ – but why do you do what you do? 2,600 more words


Constraints before goals in early design stages

In Permaculture design there exists a chicken and the egg paradox concerning the early design stages. Of course it doesn’t matter which came first, merely that the chicken or egg existed in order to create the other. 685 more words

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