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On Constraints and Creativity

Chatham House Conversation…

“Constraints boost creativity. Limitations open possibilities. For example, ad agencies won’t accept contracts to advertise products without clear parameters. Once, a company had a contract with a Japanese celebrity to advertise a phone. 125 more words


I have liberated myself from the constraints of the society around me and they are a little bit mad about it

I have liberated myself from the constraints of the society around me, and they are a little bit mad about it. They boil away in their impotent, insane jealousy, and try all they can to pull me back by the coattails. 338 more words

Writing Exercises

I thought these exercises from one of my first year writing courses were worth sharing. I’m also lacking consistent content, so this might help!

These exercises involved using constraints. 593 more words

Personal Life

Bitzer: "The Rhetorical Situation"

Bizter, Lloyd F. “The Rhetorical Situation.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 1.1 (Jan. 1968):  1-14.

Bitzer moves toward a theory of the rhetorical situation, which consists of the exigence, audience, and constraints of a given rhetorical act. 364 more words


Why limitations can lead to greater creativity

My guitar teacher, Matt, likes to remind me that there are only 12 notes in music—A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G and G#. 596 more words


Conquering Your Constraints

A constraint is defined as a limitation or restriction. We all have them and make a choice to live with them or loose ourselves from them. 476 more words


Write what you own.

Rodriguez designed a script that he could shoot with the resources he and his friend, Carlos Gallardo, knew they would be able to obtain. “I saved money by writing the script around things I already had access to: A pit-bull, a motorcycle, two bars, a ranch…” Rodriguez stated during his premier at Sundance (Rodriguez, 173).