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Good Photographs

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
-Ansel Adams

So who decides on what makes a good photograph? There are thousands of books and tutorials telling you how to become a better photographer and what you NEED or HAVE to do in order to achieve greatness. 558 more words


When relationships go stale

It can be the most distressing time when you finally have to admit your relationship is hanging on by a thread. Counselling is all good and well if you are both willing to be open to it. 769 more words


More on constraints

The members of the Oulipo group, short for Ouvroir de litterature potentielle, seek to replace conventional literary forms with newly invented mathematical and linguistic rules which they call constraints. 73 more words


Wither we like it or not, technology solutions are cheap and the go to panacea for training

I came across another discussion on the Chief Learning Officer Magazine group on LinkedIn started by Ladan Nikravan Senior Editor at MediaTec Publishing.

As the pace of organizations has increased and technology has become a convenient enabler, has the learning field lost touch with the science of design?

198 more words
Instructional Design

Create Your Own Constraints

One of the greatest creative tools out there is to have constraints placed on whatever project or problem you are working on.

If given absolute free will in a creative endeavor, the end result often does not meet expectations or it takes forever to get there. 282 more words


A One Satisfied Woman

As we walk down the aisle
I am eagerly anticipating your taste, your essence
Out of dozens, I chose you
as I am certain you will not disappoint… 159 more words


Imprompt 5 (alt): heard


Or: /Write, /without using the conjunction “and”
(S&S is okay. So is “sands”. Ich und Du, but not I and Thou)
without “of” or “with” /without past tenses formed with “ed” 36 more words