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project 1 options

These are the options I read out today for your first project:

  • Option 1: Make a screendance project
  • Option 2: Make a screendance project with the following constraints: …
  • 86 more words

Nigerian Yam Farmers Adaptation to Climate Change

by Alex Nuffer

Many farmers in the Ekiti State of Nigeria rely on the production of yams for their livelihood and food security. With the increasing rate of extreme weather events, such as flooding and drought, the productivity of the yams are unstable, which leads to crop failure. 686 more words


Embrace The Constraints but Break The Barriers

I work only to deadlines.

Generally it would never occur to me write a presentation today, which would be due next week. When writing (whether a document or presentation) I need to be in a state of panic, despair and insanity to produce anything. 448 more words


Strategic Fit - Function Drives Form

Strategic fit express the degree to which an organization is matching its resources and capabilities with the opportunities in the external environment.

The matching takes place through the practice of pre-strategy analysis. 523 more words


The Names of Things: James Tadd Adcox discusses his debut novel Does Not Love with Connor Goodwin

The Names of Things:

James Tadd Adcox discusses his debut novel

Does Not Love

An interview by Connor Goodwin 

I finished James Tadd Adcox’s debut novel, … 2,418 more words


Friends of Freedom

`  Few seem to have considered what the word ‘freedom’ actually implies. To be fully free would require us to more than somehow survive escape from our bodies, but to also ward off the strictures imposed by time, such as past and present, the future, a heritage, a history… Space would pose no problem were it not so full of things we’d have to go around, already posing a limitation to our freedom. 521 more words


You can change the project start date ... later

We prepare a project plan assuming the work will start on a particular date. You insert the tasks, dependencies, set constraints and deadlines to them. 185 more words

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