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Constraints before goals in early design stages

In Permaculture design there exists a chicken and the egg paradox concerning the early design stages. Of course it doesn’t matter which came first, merely that the chicken or egg existed in order to create the other. 685 more words

General Permaculture

Randomization - constrain values uniquely

A simple way to allot unique values to random variables is described below :

bit masterId [6];

rand bit number;

function void pre_randomize ();

   foreach (masterId [i]) begin… 63 more words

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The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innnovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas

I was given this book by David Burkus to review as part of the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I would participate in the discussion on Goodreads and post a review to Goodreads, my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Amazon. 179 more words



By Wash the Octopus

The NES had an available pallet of 54 colors.  However, only 25 could effectively be onscreen at once.  You had 4 pallets for sprites (that is, characters and moving objects in the foreground layer), 4 pallets for tiles (the individual static squares forming the background), and one backdrop color to which the screen is cleared.   395 more words

Octopus Ink

Read, Learn, write, grow

Read without constraint;

Learn without fear;

Write without hesitating;

And you will grow.



As I’m embarking on a degree in Creative Writing, I suppose I ought to post some of the efforts towards that here on this blog–if only to reward any of you who came here thinking that this blog was going to be all about writing, when in fact, it’s all about  993 more words


Re: constraints

“Creativity comes from constraints. If you give an artist unlimited rein and budget, there’s too much going on. But if you have some kind of constraints around it, the human mind is forced to get more creative.  28 more words