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Invest, Develop, Construct

Invest. Develop. Construct.
Mind spinning in ovals.
The track is a circle,
But the top is hard to reach.
It is above the water.
It lets you see so much. 186 more words


Micro-Story ("Construct")

I built the robot, but it should never have worked. There wasn’t any circuitry inside or near enough gears to move all of the parts, but it came to life anyway. 17 more words

Brandon O'Brien

Soulbound Doll

These small, sentient dolls contain a fragment of another creature’s soul. The binding process strips some of the individuality from the soul, but fragments of the original creature’s personality remain. 573 more words

Dexterity Bonus

Thanksgiving Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my awesome readers. Until the end of the November, I’m offering my new Construct 2 video tutorial course on Udemy… 17 more words


Caryatid Column

Caryatid Column

A caryatid column is very similar to a golem. As with golems, the caryatid column is an artificial construct animated by magic. A caryatid column appears as a column with fine carving suggesting the shape of a woman holding a sword. 28 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Going Back To The Womb

Fall to Winter is the best time to start getting quiet an a time to start creating. I love this time of year! Snow, not so much, but it gives me the perfect excuse to stay in and drink hot chocolate. 529 more words


no. 28

The crowd waits. A hush a Flemish crow excoriates. Peasants, burghers, fine ladies. Ice on the pond, latecomers approach in clogs like boats across a snowy field. 612 more words