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More About Construct 2

In my last post, I wrote about my experience using Construct 2 to build HTML5 games. Since then, I have improved the Maddie Bear’s Sticker Hunt game… 233 more words


The Wet Witness

This… person… was ugly. Exactly how ugly Hestin wasn’t going to know until he dared to turn around and actually look at the beast. There was just this general sensation of ugliness that the creature seeped, an uncomfortable sucking aura that seemed to decry “Don’t look at me, don’t look at me” and “stare at this freakish demeanour” at the same time. 767 more words


Simple Made Easy: A Review and Reflection

Simple Made Easy is a presentation given by Rich Hickey about three years ago (October 2011). The presentation was originally given at StrangeLoop, a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology. 893 more words

Cripple, Part First

Cripple, Part I
(City Alone)
by sket


Just like any other good story, also this one begins with an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, for, what one may see as a rational wish arrived at after a spell of deliberation and reasoning, the norm will construe as a plain mental sickness… 2,476 more words

Es DK Chuckspear

HTML5 Games with Construct 2

I recently discovered software called “Construct 2” that allows you to easily create mobile and HTML5 games. The only “problem” I have with the software is that it’s Windows-only and I do 99% of my work on a MacBook. 87 more words



Time is but a construct of the mind. That which the mind constructs can also be destroyed.



An Urban Poem

An Urban Poem
by sket

She was let fly.

Pure beauty, an epitome; flying under the pull of gravity. Warm, silky skin clinching tightly the features of a perfect symmetry in a headlong dive. 159 more words

Es DK Chuckspear