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HTML5 Games with Construct 2

I recently discovered software called “Construct 2” that allows you to easily create mobile and HTML5 games. The only “problem” I have with the software is that it’s Windows-only and I do 99% of my work on a MacBook. 87 more words



Time is but a construct of the mind. That which the mind constructs can also be destroyed.



An Urban Poem

An Urban Poem
by sket

She was let fly.

Pure beauty, an epitome; flying under the pull of gravity. Warm, silky skin clinching tightly the features of a perfect symmetry in a headlong dive. 159 more words

Es DK Chuckspear

Realigned grade 4 maths lesson


Attached (link below)  is a realigned grade 4 maths lesson. It focuses on three ways of aboriginal learning as listed below:

  • Learning Maps: Explicitly mapping/visualising processes.
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Do we actually exist ?

Have you thought about whether you actually exist ?

In general terms, we need to distinguish the whole body and “reality” from “our reality”, the identity or self having experiences and what it experiences. 617 more words




Maugs are tireless soldiers in search of battle. These constructs from Acheron are used on battlefields across the planes as perfect mercenaries, since they remain unflinchingly loyal to their employer and are fearless in battle. 205 more words

Creatures Of Esperia