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Texas workers 12 percent more likely to die on the job

According to a new study, workers in Texas are 12 percent more likely to die on the job than their peers working in other states. … 259 more words

Workplace Health And Safety

A list of steps to take towards making a construction site safe

Maintaining a high level of Health and safety is necessary just above everywhere. But it is even more important at a workplace. There are some workplaces that are not very dangerous places to work, while there are those that are highly risky and also involve handling hazardous substances. 1,062 more words

Certified Health And Safety Consultant

Anshita Agrawal - IITK Scholar

Anshita Agrawal recently completed her summer placement at Virginia Tech. During her two months at the university, she worked with Dr. Brian Kleiner on development of a framework to identify and measure construction site safety. 118 more words

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Raise the Awareness

It seems only fitting that our first blog post be about safety, TuffWrap’s top priority on every project.  Our recent efforts to continue emphasizing this principle proves that we are committed to complete safety throughout every aspect of installing (and removing) our interior protection solutions. 361 more words


Safety: Beyond Buzzwords and Lectures

I’ve been at the same big project site for over a year now. Every week, we sit through two safety sessions: one presented by our general contractor to all the tradesworkers and one by our electrical shop. 906 more words

Great Planning

Nothing like having a dead end wheelchair ramp at a new construction site. What were these people thinking?

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