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looking for front stabbers

You trust someone, and then you’re stabbed in the back. Hurts, doesn’t it? Ever thought of inviting someone to stab you in the front? Sure, that’d hurt too. 435 more words


Between Constructive Criticism and Insultive Criticism: the Nigeria's Experience. By Kule Rotimi

Any good leaders should appreciate objective and constructive ‘criticism’, which is, pointing to areas of lapses, and proffering rational solutions, as alternatives.

Criticism is the oil which lubricates the leadership engine, to prevent breakdown! 463 more words

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Constructive or Destructive criticism?

My son and I had spent a Sunday out enjoying our common hobby – photography. He had just discovered the enjoyment of framing images and using lighting to his advantage. 1,183 more words

Your Safety Mentor

9 Things I've Learned The Hard Way

Today marks the 8,541st day that I’ve been alive. That makes me 23 years and some months old. What am I doing with my life? Working a couple of retail jobs and trying to get by, like countless other people that I know. 1,975 more words


An Editor's Musing: Why do some writers "let it all hang out" instead of editing their posts or comments? How can comments be helpful?

    At left  you’ll see a photo of “editor me” at my desk on one of the last days before retirement (in 2004) as Editor of Esprit magazine and Program Director for Evangelical Lutheran Women at our office on the second floor of Portage Place in Winnipeg. 1,950 more words


Lies and Constructive Criticism

In this day and age,  being able to take “construction criticism” is practically a requirement for living. I get trying to help people grow and learn. 201 more words

Mental Illness

7 Creatively Inspirational Songs: Playlist 2

Remember that time, two weeks ago today, that I said I would blog biweekly about seven songs that inspire me? I’ve actually still maintained an interest in doing that. 1,491 more words