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One proud mama

I had my first parent teacher meeting today. The nursery S is at is really good and I get a chance to have a quick chat with his teacher every time I pick him up but sitting down with her one on one was a completely different experience. 179 more words

The Difference Between Being Honest and Being a...

I have shown my work to a variety of different people. And I will tell you, there is nothing worse than having the person, you want to share your writing with the most, giving you terrible feedback (not in the sense that they are saying negatives about your work, more of the fact that the feedback they are giving is crappy). 994 more words


Editing Tip #61

Keep an Open Mind ~

Before you begin the editing process it’s imperative to first understand what your goals are for this piece of writing. If you’re writing just for you and don’t give a damn about going traditional or making sales based on your work then by all means, … 555 more words


Learning to Embrace Corrections

The other night, my daughter came home to tell me she was “off her game” and that she had received a number of corrections in her Pointe class. 433 more words

BIYC: "Your Book Sucks!" (How to Take Criticism)

Your book sucks.

How did you feel when you read that?

Angry, maybe? Defensive? Like you wanted to tell me all the reasons your book is, in fact, the best thing ever? 802 more words

Book In A Year Challenge

End of Semester

Y’all ready for this? Much 90’s music was listened to this semester. It was one of the busiest I’ve ever had but also one of the most rewarding. 234 more words


NYC Short Story Feedback

I didn’t make it past the second round of the NYC Midnight Short Story writing challenge. It is not too unexpected. I had a hard time getting into the theme. 423 more words