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Critique 101

In writing, one of the most valuable things you can get is feedback on your work. Often, this will come from people you trust, or other writers. 547 more words

C'est La Vie

I want out
of my lease on life
It isn’t as glamorous
as it’s shown in the brochures

I’ll pay the early termination fee
if it means… 369 more words


We Are Nomads

I was raised

with the notion

that mediocrity

is acceptable.

That without

a torque applied,

I’ll sear my mind

on plans unfeasible.

They swore to me… 178 more words


What Comes Next?

Ink blots
Tell us what you see
Painted in artifice
Bled from saccharine

Look now
In doubt
Intervals at best
Hard shine
Blind eye… 56 more words


The 7-Step Process for Giving Great Feedback

This is another of my LinkedIn posts, which I’m cross-posting here. 

One of the biggest challenges new managers face is giving effective feedback. While most of us are comfortable giving positive feedback, many people struggle with giving constructive criticism that improves outcomes. 548 more words


They Will Have Circled The Earth

By the time
morning comes

the lightning bugs
will have irradiated
their last
full jar

They will have
circled the earth
en route
to the other side of the world… 18 more words


Short Story Part 1 with Criticism Included

To help illustrate my post yesterday I am using a short story that I wrote over a year ago for a creative writing class. This is the first part of the first draft and I am including the notes and marks that I got from my classmates to show what good criticism can mean. 398 more words