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Definitions, continued


A wise man once called me too honest. He was one of the most brilliant painters that I was ever friends with. Our art discussions would last through pots of coffee and into hours much later than they should have. 679 more words


Good art, a definition, with more questions, Part Deux

As I was waiting to get out of Tire Warehouse’s parking lot, I scribbled a few notes to myself to add to this conversation.

First of all, I think a big consideration in how work is discussed begins with why it was created in the first place. 519 more words


Required Blog Intro Post

Greetings one and all! From the depths of American Canada, I welcome you to my newly formed blog. It will hopefully be much, much, more than just me rambling on about my day. 155 more words


The definition of "good" art, Part 1

I think this may be a rambling essay that spans several days, but this idea came in a dream-and it makes sense now that I am exploring a great variety of mediums and styles, to figure out which direction to pursue. 186 more words


Straight Up

Not a possum.

It’s been several days since I finished writing Boiling Point, the sequel to Boyle’s Law.  Well, when I say finished, I mean that I got to the end.  392 more words


Giving and Receiving Compassionate Criticism for Writing

I have taught multiple Creative Writing classes. There are two components of these courses that are consistently difficult for students. The first is revision. Inexperienced writers often do not believe in revision. 802 more words

Writing Through Trauma

Paint Chips in My Coffee: An Excerpt

The water is now up to my waistline and panic has formally settled over me. A light breeze intermittently clears my face of the flyaway strands of hair that formerly sat flush with my skin, wet and saturated. 289 more words

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