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Designers Should Practice and Teach Constructive Criticism

There have been way too many occasions in my design career where I’ve simply heard “I don’t like it” from a client or producer with no other follow up information. 322 more words

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Culture on the table

Those who claim that culture is inherently good, I believe, are mistaken. The function of a group custom is definitely helpful for survival and altruism, but that doesn’t mean that all of its manifestations are morally good. 185 more words


Angry Diatribe of a Struggling Writer

If you’re a writer, you are most likely a struggling one. And when I say struggle, I don’t mean that you suck as a writer, but that you struggle for constructive feedback because you are not getting paid as a writer, and therefore do not have an editor at your beck-and-call. 943 more words

Why Constructive Criticism Is Actually Destructive.

Constructive criticism is one of the most controversial aspects of being among the photographer network in social media. Everywhere you look, there is some group, blog, or forum attempting to tell you the correct way to give critique to your fellow peers. 1,251 more words

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What's in a Label?

Where do you find labels? Hugging soup cans; hanging out on the side of boxes of food; adhering to household cleaning agents; representing recording artists, but that’s not the kind of label I’m referring to.  751 more words


Why People Criticize Others and the Downsides

By Somali K Chakrabarti

‘The purpose of opposition is to oppose everything and propose nothing’,  tweeted Dr Debroy.

Indeed, I thought, how easy it is to notice the frailties, foibles, and follies of others while ignoring those of your own!

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