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Car Law A to Z: K is for Knowledge

In cases where a consumer purchases a vehicle or other item and alleges the seller failed to disclose certain damage to the item sold, knowledge… 250 more words

Consumer Law/Consumer Protection

A new beginning

So it’s been a while since I last wrote something and I have been mulling over a few ways to start things off this year. 609 more words

I Don't DO Drugs...I AM Drugs

A quote from Salvador Dali; “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs!”. Have you ever met someone like that? There are people I have met who are addictive for me to be around. 168 more words


Snowblind Friend

We’re gonna have a little ‘anti-drug’ theme here today I guess…I have some personal interests of mine to share (with brevity) which have that message contained within. 142 more words


A Thank You To WordPress

I have noticed that, just over the first two days of this blog’s infancy, I have already gained a handful of ‘followers’. Let me tell you that I am most appreciative for the interest, the support and for the opportunity given by WordPress for a fellow on a fixed income to partake in technology based social networking. 209 more words


Tom Waits (For No Man)

I really like Tom Waits. I mean, I really like Tom Waits…listening to his stuff. I like to try ‘singing’ along to it in my room sometimes. 94 more words


Re-channeling Anger

Anger can be a destructive or constructive emotion. However we want to look at it, anger can be a force to be reckoned with. So, choose. 17 more words