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Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive


                Everyone’s a critic, right? Criticism is the act of passing severe judgment as to the merits of anything. It is something we all do sometimes even if we don’t notice it. 609 more words

Nerd Focus

Things Not to Say to a Cancer Patient or Their Family

While keeping with the “cancer” theme this weekend (in honor of my daughter’s big fundraiser yesterday), I wanted to quickly list things to say and things not to say to cancer patients and their families. 1,144 more words

A clear horizon

“A clear horizon, nothing to worry about on your plate. Only things that are creative and not destructive. That’s within yourself, within me I can’t bear quarreling I can’t bare feelings between people.

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The "One" Movement

I had an idea a while back for a movement of thought.

The “One” movement refers to the train of thought about being the one to do the right thing the first time. 45 more words


Music - As a component of experiential life.

(Growth/Healing) Experience., Light, Music

Music is the color of life. It expresses the moods and emotions in a song. Just like an experiment about how certain clothing will make you think better about yourself thus improving your ability to do things,  215 more words


Nurturing a Child’s Inner Voice

Last week, I solicited examples of parental constructive criticism, using the guidelines suggested in my post:

Let’s Turn Around Maternal Criticism  

I received a few responses: 411 more words


Youth "Ignorance is bliss"

” ignorance-lack of knowledge, information, or education; the state of being ignorant”. This forms the base for racism, sexism, and many types of discrimination. With this definition of ignorance, it’s easy to understand what youth ignorance is. 471 more words