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My One-Sided War With the Editor: A Constructive Way to Deal With Rejection

I’m not sure which is worse: being continually rejected, or not caring about it anymore.

I’ve received word back from two more potential handlers of my novel manuscript (can’t call it a book yet, as that implies something that can be held). 994 more words

Jack Frey

Monday Morning Bathroom Motivation:

Comfort and practicality sort of go hand in hand a lot of the time in your life. What is comfortable is practical, what is practical is comfortable. 540 more words


Thought of the Day: Hateful Criticism

There are two types of criticism: the constructive and the hateful. Both have very different motives: the former aims to push us higher and the latter to pull us down. 123 more words

1 Corinthians 15:10

I’d like to start a new thing where people comment Bible verses on any random post I have and I will create a post about them. 178 more words

Things To Think About

Feedback for the future

Though constructive feedback is an integral part of the learning process, both students and educators frequently express frustration and disappointment in relation to the procedure. If feedback is ineffective, unhelpful or unclear it can quite easily demoralise students, particularly if they are not guided through the process of how to improve upon subsequent performance.Feedback also tends to be provided too late in the learning process to be of any real use or relevance to the student at all, which appears to be a common complaint amongst most educators who frequently comment that students are uninterested in their comments and more concerned with marks (Duncan, 2007). 893 more words

Intelligence and Power

Intelligence and Power comes with responsibility. It’s rare to see people who don’t use that and stay idle. If we are using it, there are only two choices: Constructively or Destructively. 69 more words


We all want recognition. Some appear to adore those in the entertainment and the media world. We are feeling and visual beings. Media especially today is the screen that a good amount of us appear to live from. 60 more words