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Blog Challenge Day 2: Criticism

I am a writer. I’ve been a writer for many years now. With that job comes some degree of criticism, whether that is from people who read your work, the subject of your work (more on this in a minute) or from editors etc telling you your work is not good enough. 404 more words

Blogging Challenge

People Who Get It...

Accept criticism.

Frankly, I’d rather drink expired milk than sit and absorb my flaws and imperfections.  Yet all the compelling people I know seem to welcome criticism. 268 more words

Constructive vs deconstructive

I don’t know that many people realize how deconstructive they are in their day-to-day lives. Between what people say to each other, the way we look at each other, what we do to each other. 317 more words


Let Your Biggest Competitor Be You!

The race had been scheduled for later that day, but the crowd was full of anticipation. Who would take home the trophy? Each racer eyed the others and considered strategy — what would it take to win? 332 more words


Writing Tip: Seek out constructive feedback on your work.

Writing Tip: Seek out constructive feedback on your work.

Take suggestions seriously, and learn from them. Not all criticisms will be on the mark, but even those that aren’t can help you spot problems that need attention. 73 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Day 36

Life has always provided us with enough resources for every single human being to have a reasonable chance at living sufficiently without great suffering. She has endowed us with great abilities and capabilities to be able to combat challenges. 102 more words

Constructive Sleep

Since before I started University, I would have these days where I literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed and that day, if anyone said anything stupid to me, they would feel the fires of my fury. 550 more words