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Random poem

This is where I write something clever, to win your heart.

This is when I say something smart, to have you forever.

You and me, me and you, 159 more words


Subliminal Scribble 54

I know myself more intimately than does another.

And at the forefront of that self-awareness should be the realization that in no way is the imperfection of another distinct from that of my own. 54 more words

Take a Leap of Faith!

I am back with another blog post. I have something for you guys to ponder. If anything I have learned through experiences and travelling abroad is this: Take a leap of faith and trust in your dreams. 257 more words

On Criticism

Take all criticism’s no matter how foolish and see what you can learn from them. Sometimes you will learn something valuable about yourself and other times you will learn valuable lessons about human nature.

Life Lesson

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Constructive and Destructive Interference Pt.1

This week while editing a drum track on Protools, I decided to import some previously recording kick-drum samples to add a bit more ‘punch’ to my audio. 296 more words



What are we, if not for buildings?

If not for something raised from scratch, out of nothing.

Sculpted, molded, through time and experience.

Something that continues to grow taller and taller, well, at least in most cases. 279 more words


knowledge puffs up, while love builds up (updated 29th November)

“Concerning moreover the things sacrificed to idols, we know indeed we all have knowledge. But knowledge puffs up, while love builds up. If anyone thinks to have known anything, not yet does he know as it is necessary to know; if however anyone loves God he is known by Him.” Corinthians 8.1-3 (my reading of the interlinear bible) … 225 more words

Global Change