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A fearless life? No thanks.

I was reading about a method that guarantees a life without fear. Being fearless, although very romantic as it might sound, would be very dangerous as well. 469 more words


Constructive Criticism

This autumn, during my teacher training, I’ve come to realize how incredibly much feedback impacts me. I have received feedback that most certainly was NOT constructive, but insulting and shocking. 49 more words

Time Well Spent

Didn’t blog yesterday as I was too intangled in trying to customize my WP page. It was a bit challenging at first trying to get use to where everything was located. 192 more words

Current Thoughts

Dealing with criticism

At some point or another criticism is something we will all come across, whether we are dishing it out or are on the receiving end. While some people aren’t all that affected by it, for others it can be quite a challenging issue. 484 more words

Thoughts on Being "Productive"

When I was younger, I did things just for the heck of it. I did things because they were fun and brought me pleasure. I played outside, goofed off with friends and watched The Smurfs, My Little Pony and He-Man on television. 784 more words

Breaking Free

Engaging students in learning, not just schooling

Learning is such a fascinating thing! It happens everywhere, all the time, but in the school settings we are trying to somehow box it in, so that the objectives are met and standards covered. 637 more words

Meaningful Learning

Changing Life's Circumstances.

Tuesday is the day to consider change in your life.

Consider if your outer circumstances need to changed.

In order to do so you need to first change your inner thoughts, your feelings, your spoken words and your actions. 59 more words