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A new beginning

So it’s been a while since I last wrote something and I have been mulling over a few ways to start things off this year. 609 more words

I Don't DO Drugs...I AM Drugs

A quote from Salvador Dali; “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs!”. Have you ever met someone like that? There are people I have met who are addictive for me to be around. 168 more words


Snowblind Friend

We’re gonna have a little ‘anti-drug’ theme here today I guess…I have some personal interests of mine to share (with brevity) which have that message contained within. 142 more words


A Thank You To WordPress

I have noticed that, just over the first two days of this blog’s infancy, I have already gained a handful of ‘followers’. Let me tell you that I am most appreciative for the interest, the support and for the opportunity given by WordPress for a fellow on a fixed income to partake in technology based social networking. 209 more words


Tom Waits (For No Man)

I really like Tom Waits. I mean, I really like Tom Waits…listening to his stuff. I like to try ‘singing’ along to it in my room sometimes. 94 more words


Re-channeling Anger

Anger can be a destructive or constructive emotion. However we want to look at it, anger can be a force to be reckoned with. So, choose. 17 more words

Memory is a constructive and active process, evaluate this claim...

Memory is a well-researched area of psychology dating back many years. In its most basic form it comprises of three key processes. These processes are encoding, which is responsible for entering information gathered through the senses and encoding it into the memory system. 1,171 more words