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More on Classes in C++

We can use constructors to guarantee that the data members of a class are initialized. There are two types of constructors: with parameters and without parameters. 752 more words

Search Gear #14 - Pseudo Constructors!

Changed the config twitter caller to a pseudo constructor thus

func NewTwitter(file string) (*twitter, error) {
tw := new(twitter)
 var parser toml.Parser
if _, err := ioutil.ReadFile(file); err != nil {
 tw.errors = errors.New(co.Lang("could not find the configuration file, you'll need to provide these setting for twitter to work"))
 } else {
 toml := parser.ParseFile(file) 68 more words
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Dive Deep into CPP : Constructors

You can use constructor with initialization list in addition to the default ways. You cant use initialization list with arrays,list, vector etc. Also static variables cant be initialized using this method. 210 more words

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