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A more collective approach is required for rail asset management

On the 23rd June 2014, the inaugural RISSB’s Rail Asset Management workshop was held in Sydney in front of broad range of industry. There was representation from rail operators, asset owners, constructors, consultants, suppliers and government which provided a real balance to the day. 448 more words


Refueling and Driver Change - Le Mans 1985

Mauro Baldi (holding seat insert) is ready as Henri Pescarolo exits the Lancia.


BaseClass VS ChildClass Constructor

  • We have two classes BaseClass and childClass, ChildClass inheret base class. If we make the object of child class then which class counstructor called first?
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Creating and Importing Node Modules into Your Code

Apps can get long. Really long. And if all the code required for an app was in a single file, well, I would just hope someone else had the responsibility of debugging and adding new features. 287 more words

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