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Constructors, Destructors, and Member Functions in C++

Since C++ is a superset of C, we can use functions in C++ in the same way that we use them in C. While this is great and all, let’s focus on functions within the OOP paradigm. 672 more words

JAVA - Constructors and Destructors


These are the special member functions of a class that gets executed automatically when object of a class is created. It is used to initialize the data members. 143 more words


Construction in C++

A constructor is a special member function that is automatically invoked whenever an object is created.

A constructor has the same name as the class being defined. 879 more words

Default constructors

Consider the following code:

class Animal {
    protected $what = "nothing";
    function sound() {
        echo get_class($this)." says {$this->what}"; 

class Cow extends Animal {
    protected $what = "moo";
    protected $owner;
    public function __construct($owner) {
        $this->owner = $owner;
        // parent::__construct(); (?)

$a = new Cow("Old McDonald");
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