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Nobody said, "Thank you"

Nobody said thank you? Really? What’s up with that? Time after time I sit in restaurants and observe the interactions between guests and employees. Most of the time I watch guests leave without any exchange with the staff at all. 387 more words


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Awards over $1.2 Million in Grants

In some good news on the environmental philanthropy front, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has awarded over $1.2 million in grants to fishermen who need support while depleted fisheries are being rebuilt. 203 more words


Chicken Liver pate with sourdough

Today I made the most amazing chicken liver pate…. I really wanted to make it yesterday, but after having all the ingredients set out ready to start, the young aprentice was walking past and asked what was I making etc.  335 more words

Mikado #Mocha Macchiato with Rob Dunne (@landpirate)

“Expert London barista, Rob Dunne, shows us how to create a Mikado mocha macchiato with a malted milk head.”

Rob Dunne is the Dunne from DunneFrankowski.


Why Business Owners Need Security

The main reason is to stop any potential lawsuits from happening! But do you know how many individuals I have talked to about this very thing? 341 more words


Tweeter of the Day: @werdelin


Who are they?

Henrik Werdelin is a consultant and entrepreneur working to encourage innovation in the tech world.

Why should i follow them?

Henrik’s twitter feed is filled with links to interesting articles regarding everything from setting up start-ups to branding and creativity. 34 more words

Tweeter Of The Day

Colombia se prepara a Regular la Marijuana Medicinal

Uno de los personajes políticos más famosos de Colombia, más queridos y recordados, se llama Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento. Bueno, se llamaba porque fue asesinado a fines de la década de los años 80 por una coalición de narcotraficantes y políticos. 249 more words