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Religious Film Production Companies

In the film industry there is a small but mighty group whose goal is to bring spiritual, uplifting, and edifying messages to its audience. This group consists largely of Christian production companies from all over the world. 387 more words


Energy Drink of the Month -- April 2014

Could you pick an energy drink out of a line-up? Every so often, I read a news story that makes me either laugh or grit my teeth because of how energy drinks are portrayed as dangerous concoctions of sugar and caffeine. 213 more words

Energy Drinks

Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes

3rd article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

A topic that is difficult for some, this article is committed to discussing “Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes.” … 767 more words


Food Science in the News - Death and Freggies

Would you believe eating 7 servings of fruits and vegetables (“freggies”) a day can reduce your risk of death by 42%? This stat comes from research by the University College of London and, while it bugs me when news headlines use extreme terms like “death” to catch attention (see below*), this research on mortality and freggies is worth discussing. 820 more words

Nutrition/Food Science News

When Granola Bars Roam Free

Perhaps it’s because I’m a food scientist or perhaps it’s because I have an odd sense of humor, but I always get a kick out of products labeled “natural.” Let me share the 5 “natural” anomalies that amuse me the most. 928 more words

Nutrition/Food Science News

Social Media Product Development Examples

Richard asks…

What are examples of Leadership…?
So I have to fill out this form to get into this school thing called NJHS and it’s kinda important so I would really appriciate examples of leadership. 13 more words

Seeing trees for the wood

I have had some feedback following my last blog: worried that I sounded negative regarding a recent lost opportunity. I regret that interpretation. After 20 years, not only as a sales consultant, but as a promoter of solid timber furniture, I have learnt that professionalism at all times is essential and accepting the decisions of the client paramount. 145 more words