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Taxes, Zillow, and Me -or- What is my house really worth?

We’re all curious what our homes would be worth on the market, even if we have no intention of selling.  If you recently bought, you’re curious if the value has already gone up.   415 more words

Consumer Awareness

A Round of Applause for Loblaw's

Have you seen the latest Loblaw’s commercial? It features CEO, Mr. Galen Weston, Jr. walking through one of the grocery stores explaining their new program: … 347 more words

Consumer Awareness

Mindful Monday #4

Mindful Eating Fact:

Fruits and vegetables available to most people today don’t contain the nutritional value they had about 40 or 50 years ago.

Vegetables have a set amount of nutrients when harvested and begin to lose them the minute they are cut off from their food source. 397 more words


This week's Friday Smile goes to...

Grass would like to congratulate executive chef, Carl Van Rooyen, and his sous chefs at The Vineyard Hotel for deciding to use grass fed beef for their burgers.  260 more words


South African Foie Gras - Cruelty Certified

Please note: the list that is provided on South African food purveyors using foie gras is a little outdated, Grass is updating this list but we do need your help, please let us have the details (via twitter: @GrassAction or email: grassconsumergroup@gmail.com) when you come across foie grass being offered in South Africa… 6 more words


Mindful Monday # 3

Grass has discovered some interesting facts over the past two years about our food system in South Africa. Some of it inspiring but mostly disturbing. We would like to share and encourage South African consumers to be mindful of some of these facts when they are purchasing and consuming food. 622 more words


This week's smile is for...

Grass would like to congratulate Café Chic for deciding to remove foie gras from their menu.  Situated in Breda Street, Cape Town, it is owned by Conrad Gallagher a celebrated Michelin starred chef, and his wife, Candice.  88 more words