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Fairer Trade Pact, In The Interest Of Wildlife

Thanks to National Public Radio (USA) for this story, which has nothing pleasant about it but which signals a positively determined approach to do something substantive about this tragic scourge: 517 more words


Craft Ascendant

As admirers of well-crafted beer, and of small-scale businesses, we appreciate this post by Tim Wu:

Consider a few surprising and optimistic facts for the new year: nationwide, 

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Bookstores, Breweries, Bunk

It was already so good at what it did in print, it was easy to wonder what would come next. How to respond to the digital era? 748 more words


Words Forming A Name, Becoming A Brand

We spent much of the first half of 2011 poring over dictionaries. Mostly Sanskrit to English dictionaries, but also Malayalam to English, and also just English dictionaries with the occasional thesaurus to inspire. 114 more words


Pop Up Restaurant Trends

Thanks to EcoWatch for this note on trending foodways to watch this year:

On today’s Here & Now, host Jeremy Hobson talked with foodies 

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C’mon, buy one more thing, OK?

In class this week, I was noting that for many (most ?) retailers, the difference between low (on no) profits and extraordinary profits is getting people to throw just one more item into the shopping cart. 470 more words


Healthy Hybrids In Vivid Living Color

Our farm to table program in support of 51‘s Malabar Soul Food menu, in which Kayal Villa‘s acreage is serving double duty as beautiful and bountiful, is in full swing, so National Public Radio (USA)’s… 450 more words