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Learning Laboratories, Museums, And Art's Future Venues

Thanks to the Harvard Gazette for this story about museums functioning as inclusive, modern learning laboratories:

In the 1970s, the Italian architect Renzo Piano was a young upstart with immense talent and brazen daring.

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Plastic Bags Going, Going, Gone

Small local moves here and there add up, on occasion, to major change. We are amazed to learn of the scale of the success in the Celtic region with the program to ensure consumers and vendors share in the cost of the environmental mess that plastic bags create. 283 more words


Bookstores As Cultural Icons

Many hope that these are not merely icons of an earlier time, but an essential asset of any culture. Click the image above to go to this exhibition on the New Yorker’s website: 146 more words


Book Covers, Storytelling, And The Mind's Eye

We are most of the time sharing stories, told by our own contributors or chosen by them from other sources, that say something relevant about community, about collaboration, and/or about conservation.   491 more words


Reducing Demand For The Irreplacable

From the “glimmer of hope” category of news, thanks to the Guardian‘s ongoing coverage of vital environmental issues, we find this story simultaneously depressing and hopeful… 297 more words


Mind Over Matter, Consumption, And Findings From Behavioral Economics

We may be a bit self-interested in declaring so, but this research matches what we believe from daily experience–not to say it is obvious–and so it is good to know… 1,075 more words


Watch Your Pump Jockey

Conservation‘s daily summary of an intriguing scientific finding captures our attention at least one time per week. Which is about how often, on average, some of us fill the gas tank of our vehicles. 648 more words