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Online Shopping Is In, In Store Shopping Is Out

The article from cmswire.com titled “How Mobile and Social Are Changing Consumer Behaviors” by Marisa Peacock describes how social media and online shopping sites are affecting customers and their way of shopping. 406 more words


6 Tips for Sequencing Your Marketing Content

Sequencing your digital marketing content allows you to lead the consumer through a highly engaged experience with progressively branded messaging, ultimately leading to a purchase or conversion. 807 more words

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When Your Roof Doubles as a Power Plant: How Distributed Solar Power Will Change Electricity

By Jim Eskew

Investors are beginning to notice certain trends in the market for solar power – namely that consumers aren’t buying solar panels; they’re buying POWER from panels installed on their rooftop. 546 more words

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Your Prius or my Beefy Crumbles?

By Ann Marie

Envision a typical American meal from the 1950s. Now envision an American meal in 2000. Which plate contains more red meat? Hint: stories of a move away from the old “meat and potatoes” diet do not play out in the data. 502 more words

Consumer Behavior

What does Gen Y expect from its advertisers?

A recent RetailWire discussion centered on Millennials and their “cynical” view of marketing in general. I’m not certain whether it’s fair to call it cynicism — since a lot of Gen Y opinions are wrapped in idealism, too — but it’s clear from the data that younger consumers view brands with a jaundiced eye. 118 more words

Dick Seesel

No surprise: Customers favor e-commerce with a local footprint

RetailWire panelists recently discussed a study that revealed consumer preferences about where to conduct their e-commerce business. It’s not an earth-shaking discovery to learn that shoppers are more trusting of sites where they have experience in the retailers’ brick-and-mortar stores. 94 more words

Dick Seesel

The Confounding, Confusing Consumption Habits of Millennials

As Millennials—defined as those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s—emerge as the largest age cohort, retailers continue to struggle to find ways to understand them, much less appeal effectively to these distinct shoppers. 336 more words

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