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The failure of KFC ad in China

  Jun Ji-hyun. (Korean actress)

I have talked about some food ads in articles before. In those articles, I assume that the most important thing of a food advertisement is to make the audience want to try by stressing the delicious taste. 425 more words

Consumer Behavior

Market entry, how to stand out from the crowd?

As far as I understand marketing is about knowing who are your consumers, where are they, how to reach them and what kind of method to use to best communicate your brand missions and values. 929 more words

Selling An Idea: To An Unlikely Audience

Today in class we continued talking about consumer behavior, looking at motivation, perception and attitude. We gathered into small groups, conducting an in-class work shop. The purpose of the project was to grab the attention of the target audience, seniors, fifty to seventy years old, that buying a jeep is a good idea. 329 more words


Why Immediacy Matters: The Implications of Hyperbolic Discounting

People tend to choose a smaller but sooner reward over a larger but later reward as the time period between present and reward decreases. However, as rewards occur further in the future, people act less impulsively and choose to wait. 909 more words


Potato, Potahto

Last week a friend sent me a press release from the United States Potato Board that announced their recent report on increasing potato consumption among… 472 more words

Consumer Behavior

Brand Preferences by State

No one likes to be pressured, but all of us are impacted by forces that we can’t control. Every day, consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads and promotions, ranging from radio ads to the signs on the side of the bus stop. 195 more words

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Article: Online Sales Trends - Color Matters

Online Sales Trends – Color Matters

A recent analysis by an online retail firm reinforces the findings of several larger studies investigating consumer purchasing habits and the factors motivating product selection: … 133 more words