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Vegan Shoes

Much like the curtain drawn between the behind-the-scenes of factory farming and the end products that we see in the supermarket, most of mainstream society isn’t aware of how the materials we wear are produced. 1,296 more words


The Locavore Aesthetic and Consumer Ethics

A week or so ago, my family went and ate at The Farmhouse in Evanston. The Farmhouse prides itself on locally-sourced ingredients. It lists its beers by cost and distance from your table. 1,068 more words

Consumer Culture

The Origins and Future of Philanthropic Narcissism

The popularity and relative success of the Ice Bucket challenge has drawn a range of popular critiques centered on the prospects of philanthropic narcissism. Philanthropic narcissism leverages the selfish impulse of our media environment to produce a monetary benefit for a charity. 633 more words

Digital Culture

Character Rights and The Black Panther's Impending Divorce

Recently, American comic-book elder-statesman Stan Lee may have revealed Marvel’s plans to make a film adaptation of the Black Panther comic book. This is fantastic news for a variety of reasons. 935 more words

Consumer Culture


All eyes fastened onto Carlos’s computer screen. A multiracial troupe of women in brightly-colored leotards was dancing through the streets of lower Manhattan. Shot of a Beyoncé look-alike seducing the Wall Street bull, sliding a silk scarf around its neck. 157 more words


Two Decades in...

On Wednesday, Mr S and I will mark our twentieth wedding anniversary, and due to some unfortunate timing, one of us has a medical procedure scheduled for that day, so we won’t actually celebrate on the day itself. 362 more words