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Schrum, Kelly. (2004) Some Wore Bobby Sox


While the figure of the teenager is usually associated with boys in the 1950s, Schrum argues that girls were the original teenagers.  Adolescent girls developed their own unique tastes and styles in fashion, beauty, movies and music beginning as early as the 1920s. 59 more words


Signs of the times and the Politics of the Superficial

As I drive to and fro shuttling children and partners to schools and train stations, I drive through two or three neighborhoods on the border of Evanston and Skokie, just north of Chicago. 1,112 more words

Consumer Culture

The Butterfly Effect: Wings, Blades, Eyelashes

Layman books on physics litter a portion of my bookshelf. I’ve read some of them and do remember the butterfly effect. A butterfly in Africa flutters its wings and a hurricane develops near the Florida coast. 142 more words

Unnatural human: Society might be destroying me

We are not natural. This radical revelation hit while I was running 8 miles this morning. Most likely all of us in who live in highly industrialized nations realize this but it’s not often addressed. 668 more words

Personal Updates

Climate Change and the 21st Century: An Unfortunate Mismatch

In life, sometimes we shrug off lost opportunities and situations that don’t work out, telling ourselves that it was just not meant to be. But what happens when the stars don’t align on an issue that we can’t afford to ignore? 414 more words

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shalom to fashion jew

Hi there – or rather Shalom!

My name is Susie G. I blog. I also Jew. I also fashion.

This blog is about the ridiculous-ness of the following: the current state of online media, consumer culture and my life.

Enjoy – or not,

S x

Consumer Culture

The Art of Advertising

This weekend I was walking in New York City and a graffiti’d street corner caught my eye. I noticed a faintly familiar image of my favorite brand of ginger ale. 333 more words

Consumer Culture