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Consuming "American Sniper"

“American Sniper” surpassed $200 million in box office sales on January 25th, making it one of the most successful war films in history. It also carefully avoids explaining why the United States invaded Iraq – the major plotline of the film. 1,084 more words


Consumer or Consumed?

Something that’s been on my mind lately is consumerism, the idea that we need more and more of things that we want. The distinction between ‘need’ and ‘want,’ I believe, is being blurred in our culture and our world. 514 more words

The Myriad Benefits of Hoarding Junk

Embrace the Ick
Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits. 304 more words

What it costs to make ourselves happy instant heroes


Humanitarian campaigns are proposing fun and simpler ways to support their causes with the help of advanced communication technologies and corporate sponsorships. It has become common to do good by shopping, running, texting and playing games. 344 more words


CTS Lecture Notes 1 - Social Purpose of Design

This week’s CTS lecture was about the social purpose of design. It followed Stuart Ewan’s argument that the purpose of design is used to promote industrial mass production. 711 more words


Clothes, shopping, and reflexivity

Over the next however long, I’m going to be doing a multi-part series on two recent shopping trips: one to a series of department stores to enhance my work wardrobe, and one to the campus bookstore for casual wear. 90 more words

Social Life in Southeast Asia and in America

I already made a friend here ^.^ She is very funny and nice, and today we went around the city on her motorbike. Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic is crazy, but she was very good at moving through it. 1,602 more words