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shalom to fashion jew

Hi there – or rather Shalom!

My name is Susie G. I blog. I also Jew. I also fashion.

This blog is about the ridiculous-ness of the following: the current state of online media, consumer culture and my life.

Enjoy – or not,

S x

Consumer Culture

The Art of Advertising

This weekend I was walking in New York City and a graffiti’d street corner caught my eye. I noticed a faintly familiar image of my favorite brand of ginger ale. 333 more words

Consumer Culture

Nasaw, David. (1992) Children and Commerical Culture: Moving Pictures in the Early 20th Century

Nasaw argues that although reformers and child protectors campaigned to keep children out of the Nickelodeon theatres, children continued to swarm to the theatres in search of cheap excitement and entertainment. 151 more words

Consumer Culture

Filling the void.

When it came to Christmas, my mom was a little bit nuts.

I grew up in a middle-class household. Now, this is the middle class of the 1960s, in a small city plunked down in the middle of Rural Nowhere California. 651 more words


Colonizing the Surfaces of Everyday Life

The following is repurposed from the opening pages of The Politics of the Superficial, my manuscript on Graphic Design as the primary form of contemporary American public address. 940 more words
Consumer Culture

Quick Hit: Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin has a very bad cat

Here’s something silly for a Friday afternoon: I was reading about still life painting (again!) and came across some compositions by French painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. 206 more words

Consumer Culture

Whoever wins the rat race is still a rat

I didn’t want to be a rat.

I was lying in a pool of sunshine the other day, taking a much-needed day off with a dear friend, and all I could think was… 474 more words

Simple Living