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Did A Family Member Steal Your Identity and Ruin Your Credit? |Your Money Matters

Ebony Magazine has an excellent article that covers the topic of when a family member helps themselves to your identity and acquires things at your expense because you’re “family”… 8 more words


What's really going to happen with interest rates?

Well, in short…they’ll go up. But that’s the obvious answer. There’s a lot more to discuss.

If you pay attention to the business or economics articles in the news, everything seems to be about the Fed. 360 more words


Payday Lending Reform Strategy Convening, Los Angeles, 10/10/2014

Please join a broad coalition of Southern California-based anti-poverty, Labor, legal services, advocacy, social services, and consumer rights leaders to discuss the achievable local, state-level, and federal options for reforming predatory payday lending. 6 more words

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Los Angeles convening on federal options for reforming payday lending, via the Coalition Against Payday Predators.

Painfully, American families are learning the difference between median and mean

Warren Buffett walks into a skid row bar. Inside, nine men silently slump on their stools.

None of them has a job. Individually, they own almost nothing. 453 more words

Apparently, the bank lobby has not heard of "the Barbra Streisand effect"

Want to keep some news from getting out? It’s probably best not to call more attention to it, by, say, launching an advertising blitz around it. 566 more words

When smaller gives way to bigger

Hester Pierce and Robert Greene at the Mercatus Center published a report showing the relative concentration of large banks vs. small banks in the US.  Small banks (banks with $10 billion in assets or less) are becoming a smaller part of the banking landscape. 181 more words