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Ensuring a sustained, well balanced economic recovery

There’s one big outstanding question in my mind re the sustainability of the UK economic recovery. Agree that the economy is doing much better than it has done over the last few years, agree that the confidence has increased (both business and consumer) and agree that we are seeing a record amount of entrepreneurial activity in the economy (read start ups). 274 more words


Inspiring examples: only a click away

Less is more! A young team in Sweden, Shortcut Labs, are developing a small really useful generic BLE-connected button called flic which you can program to do almost anything with your smartphone. 143 more words


3D printer, more thoughts

The person who were asking me about the meaning of the 3D printed ice cream, seemed pretty puzzled and confused. It’s understandable considering that he is a career diplomat with minimal technical exposure. 682 more words

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What Lies Beneath the Custom of Real and Authentic Europeans -

A apple on-line outlet where to get goods delivered to the door of E.U consumer market members and with pitney bowes inc., managing and sorting import/export taxes out is very much appreciated for merchants, are today giving signs of negative influence of southern europe,  ex-soviet union member states and russian federation immigrants ( among others such as africans & latin americans ) and without forgetting, negative influence of merchants in the evergreen communist republic of ireland. 843 more words

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the Blow tracking information is NOT accurate and R.M cannot accept a application form to locate the item

with an aim for adding more data and information and for analysis and evaluation on how life of native EU citizens is negatively affected by the presence of immigrants and mostly catholics from T.W.C (third world countries) in africa, from latin-america, from russian federation and even catholics from southern europe without forgetting the ones in the Europe far-west, ireland. 546 more words

Society Change