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We are making things again!

Companies have moved manufacturing of things to developing countries since many years. The reasons have primarily been competitiveness and profitability and the results of this are well-known and documented. 505 more words


Inspiring examples: the Ball Camera

While brands like Kodak and Agfa rarely are mentioned together with photography any longer, people are taking and dealing with photos all the time and everywhere. 208 more words


$99 Amazon "Fire TV" & Apple TV Competitor Launch

$99 Amazon “Fire TV” & Apple TV Competitor Launch

@WestCoastStar I guess You’re quite inexperienced in understanding “the game”. All multinationals which have NOT taken the left turn to go down the road to communism, let others take the first step in the market (go ahead) then, after analysis and evaluation of a market response, real & authentic multinationals

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Auxo 2 Commercial

Auxo2 Commercial

Get Rihanna to “vocal” the ad and get rid of the last bit in the audio track. You might then have something for someone keen on upgrading to iOS7 to get Auxo 2.



Apple , Bob-Kupbens for Online Retail Team


right now i suspect on-line retail apps (i.e: incl. Apple iTunes store’s and Apple App store’s) , aren’t legally covered by copyright or patents registration ( for apple is not registering copyright or patents for apps with any int’l organization for copyright and patents registration management) nor they are imported/exported to the E.U after import/export tax payment. 252 more words

Conformite Europeenne

Recently, interesting economic news has come from the Empire of the Middle. On the one hand, financial markets reacted worried on the softening of the Chinese economy, but on the other hand they reacted rather positively about the first corporate debt default allowed in the country. 2,350 more words