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Tax Day Freebies!

And now, a tradition not nearly as annoying as those corporate April Fools’ Day pranks we talked about previously: the Tax Day Freebie! Restaurants, bars, hotels and other retailers love to capitalize on our tax day grief, offering various freebies, 2-for-1’s and “$10.40”-themed deals on April 15. 128 more words

The Thrill of the Hunt?

When it comes to groceries, do you experience the thrill of the hunt? Trekking from store to store, tracking down that bargain, snaring it, bagging and tagging it, taking a photo with it, and so on? 234 more words

To Cash or Not to Cash?

Quick question: who still carries cash? I don’t mean that you have a twenty for emergencies, but that cash is your primary way of getting around. 251 more words

Today’s Connected Consumer

I found a stack of mildly interesting graphics on the web, describing various aspects of today’s Connected Consumer.

Today, consumers of all ages and lifestyles are connected to the brands and businesses they love via multiple screens and devices. 245 more words

Spring Home Improvement Fun?

It’s been a tough winter for just about everybody. And, trust me, I know it’s relative. If I tell you that here in Charleston SC, we had a cold snap where “it got down to 19 degrees one night!” many of you will laugh. 281 more words

St. Pat's 2014!

Let go of my Lucky Charms, and listen up! Here’s where all your “green” will go this year on St. Patrick’s Day, according to MSNMoney.com… 130 more words

March (Retail) Madness!

Everybody knows that there are certain things you buy  – and certain things you avoid – in certain months. Many people (like ME) have no clue what those things are, though. 214 more words