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By now you’ve probably noticed the Beats by Dre craze that has taken the nation by storm. Look around and you’re bound to see your favorite celebrity, teens on the subway or maybe even the guy who picks up your trash jamming to some music wearing the popular brand of headphones. 454 more words

Consumer Reports: How To Get Cash For Old Electronics

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Got an old computer stashed in a storage room?

Or an ancient cell phone junked in a kitchen drawer?

Just in time for Earth Day, Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine has some advice on what to do with your old electronics – and you could make some money in the process. 302 more words


Cloud Storage Options

Cloud storage is a backup and storage service on the Internet.  ‘The Cloud”  maintains, manages, and backs up data remotely and makes it available to users over a network . 342 more words


A Sleep Schedule That Can Improve Your Health

There are some who operate on the belief, whether they realize it or not, that their sleep schedule in no way affects the rest of their health. 955 more words


Consumer Reports: Tips To Protect Your Smartphone

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Smartphone thefts are way up.

Based on a new survey, Consumer Reports estimates the number of stolen phones nearly doubled in the past year to more than three million. 396 more words


Consumer Reports: Homeowner's Insurance Tips

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When a storm slams through your front door, the damages you suffer are often determined by fate.

But, how easily you can pick up the pieces may be determined by your home insurer. 305 more words