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Welcome to the brave new world of banking

The much-vaunted drive to introduce ethics into banking will come to nothing. Behaving with decency towards their customers is a totally alien concept to these organisations. 546 more words


Earth Day 2014

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As last year, I don’t propose to post up a list of “approved” green or green-ish brands. I did that before, others do too, and I think it’s an error. 566 more words

Feminism & Human Rights

General Mills reverses its stance on suing

In a sudden change of face, after much backlash from consumers, General Mills changed back to it’s old terms of service in regard to suing. The response on social media showed that companies do not always get to decide their company’s actions.

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Your consumer rights

When is the last time you complained about a product or service which was faulty?  Do you prefer to let it be rather than make a fuss in a shop or restaurant when something goes wrong? 138 more words


You might be voiding your option to sue and not know it

How many things have you liked, followed, fanned, or given approval to on social media sites? If you were to count them, would it be in the thousands? 57 more words


You reap what you sow

The Heartbleed bug has been big news recently. Most of us will have heard something about it. Despite this, a couple of companies have taken the trouble to contact me on the subject, to make sure that I know what’s happening.  597 more words


Like a thief in the night

Why do banks find it so easy to steal from their customers? Because the government allows them to do it.

In defence of that outrageous statement, here’s my evidence: 644 more words