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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management helps companies and businesses to build their standing and status online. In this world of internet technology, consumers are increasingly making the use of online services to buy goods; therefore, it has become imperative for companies to create an online presence, and reach out to a wide network of customers. 298 more words

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It's all our fault we're fat!

We all seem to believe what we hear when the food industry points to individual responsibility for why obesity has suddenly increased – over shooting the number of those hungry in the world. 371 more words

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'Poor Doors' Are Only the Tip of the Affordable Housing Iceberg


On the western shores of the Hudson River, where Riverside Park tapers into a strip of bike lane and busy highway, a row of glass behemoths punctuates the skyline. 2,071 more words

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Lets Complain about Poor Customer Service.

I have travelled quite a bit around the world and have been in circumstances when I had to ask for help in foreign countries, the different level of customer service received in these countries was impressive to me but completely natural to them. 586 more words

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Refusing Service To Gay Couples - Is It Justifiable?

Lately there have been several cases in the US and in the UK involving service being refused to gay customers, and I’d like to explore this a little bit. 1,128 more words

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Crooks buying crap

I just read an eye-opening story about the seedy world of debt collection in the New York Times. It  was enlightening to learn about the shady practices of this industry of bottom feeders who are making big profits on the backs of poor people. 166 more words


palm oil: careful not to throw the baby out with the bath-water

Via a certain online discussion forum; identities have as ever been anonymised, and any other editing has been of typos, spelling, etc. so that they don’t detract from the actual content. 3,167 more words

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