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Simple beauty...and a simple cure for eczema...

I’m a cosmetics junkie.

I used to have a morning skin care routine consisting of about a dozen products, and a nighttime routine consisting of about another dozen products. 358 more words

Simple Living

Happy is the woman who has Enough...

I had my own “Eureka moment” the other day.

It was quite simple. I was driving in my little car, going to drop off some items as the Hospice Charity shop, and I realised with a… 227 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

A clutter-free Christmas!

It’s less than 100 days until Christmas!

Uh oh.

Do you want to experience the joy of Christmas without all the clutter and stress? So do I! 680 more words

Simple Living

The guilt of gifts and the burden of mathoms

My relatives like to give gifts. I come from a gift-giving family.

What this has meant over my life is that I’ve received a LOT of gifts which I’ve felt pressured by my family to keep and look after. 689 more words

Simple Living

What to do if I don't shop?

I first started on the road to minimalism back in 2007. I’ve had many bumps in the road since then, and my journey hasn’t been an easy one, as I come from a family whose main interest sometimes seems to be shopping. 836 more words

Simple Living

Organize - or declutter?

The whole process of organization has become a major industry.

You can even employ people to come and organize your wardrobe, your kitchen, your whole home. 241 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

How I made $160 lying in bed...

Today I made $160 lying in bed. I was up late last night, so this afternoon, I decided to have a catch up rest in bed, and watch my TradeMe auctions… 487 more words

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