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Inverted totalitarianism: apathy in politics, and finding answers

Pssst! A little secret: I’ve got a degree in Politics.

It’s a field that has always interested me. Here’s some food for thought on “Inverted totalitarianism” and the apathy that plagues politics. 18 more words

Consumer Society

How to kick the soft drink habit!

False teeth in your future? Bad breath? Or maybe avoidable osteoporosis? Or just HYUGE dentist bills?

There are lots and lots of reasons to kick the soft drink habit, but it’s really hard to do for a lot of people. 689 more words


Devil May Care

In The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures (1970), Jean Baudrillard discusses the 1930s silent film Student of Prague. His analysis begins the book’s conclusion, entitled “On Contemporary Alienation or the End of the Pact with the Devil.” 294 more words


Grasp The Nettle : grassroots documentary

Grasp The Nettle graspthenettlefilm.com follows the exploits of a ragtag band of land rights activists in London as they struggle against corporations, government, police – and themselves – in their efforts to create alternative communities outside the framework of consumer society. 46 more words


John Kenneth Galbraith: “American Capitalism” (1952)

The notion that there are aspects of monopoly tin a large proportion of American industries was bound to bring a major change in liberal attitudes. In fact, it dealt the ancient liberal formula a far more serious blow than has even yet been realized.

1,021 more words
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The thousand dollar pool demolition

Our farm used to have an above-ground, outdoor swimming pool. In Dunedin! And if you know Dunedin, and the cold climate we have, you’ll know exactly how ridiculous the thought of an above-ground, outdoor swimming pool is. 695 more words


Why so much stuff?

We live in a consumer society. I didn’t really grok what that means until I moved countries a few years ago.

Moving from Australia to New Zealand to live meant that we had to go through everything we owned. 1,119 more words