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How much are those tech toys costing us?

Planned obsolescence is expensive, to the environment and the consumer.

According to the website PCPro, the lifespan of an iPad is two years, and similar lifespans for MacBooks, iPhones and iPods are estimated at. 485 more words

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Whoever wins the rat race is still a rat

I didn’t want to be a rat.

I was lying in a pool of sunshine the other day, taking a much-needed day off with a dear friend, and all I could think was… 474 more words

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The late adopter avoids the worm

I’m a late adopter.

Everything electronic I have is old.
I don’t have an iPad or tablet.
My smart phone is three years old, and not so smart any more. 637 more words

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Who is in charge, the piles or me?

It is always unpleasant to realize when we are no longer the true masters of our destiny. Ceding our freedom to things, and their entanglements, is a struggle for most of us in lands of affluence. 50 more words


How long will your flat screen TV last?

According to Kioskea.net:

    Most LCD/Plasma TVs last for a few years before problems such as loss of color, brightness, black spots begin to show. The life expectancy of an LCD/LED TV can be between 4 to 10 years depending on usage and maintenance as well as other factors such as type, brand, location and environment. 883 more words
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Simple beauty...and a simple cure for eczema...

I’m a cosmetics junkie.

I used to have a morning skin care routine consisting of about a dozen products, and a nighttime routine consisting of about another dozen products. 358 more words

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Happy is the woman who has Enough...

I had my own “Eureka moment” the other day.

It was quite simple. I was driving in my little car, going to drop off some items as the Hospice Charity shop, and I realised with a… 227 more words

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