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Blogging Challenge Day 12: Tithing?

Today’s task is about tithing and almsgiving. The fathers write extensively about almsgiving and very little about tithing, and when they do it is mainly referring to the Old Testament practice rather than anything done in the Church. 1,324 more words


Citizens or consumers? How about people?

“Irish people must understand that they are consumers” reads the mantra of Irish Water, the newest disaster overseen by the increasingly unpopular Fine Gael/Labour government. The debate, or more accurately the conflict, about water charges has come to a head today, as the government is rolling back on some of its more egregious decisions. 814 more words


Rise of the Consumer Society

Toronto may not want to talk about its “world-class” status so soon after being globally shamed by its own mayor, or having its long-outdated subway system turned into a political football and public spectacle during our municipal elections. 858 more words

Consumer Society

Building Blocks for a Consumer Society

Most people have no real appreciation for just how automated and integrated the world of marketing has become. We generate so much data about ourselves in our daily lives, and simply presume that all the organizations that we deal with are keeping our info secure. 721 more words

Consumer Society

Drivers of Social Consumerism

So what are the primary drivers of social progress?

Aside from our maintaining our basic health (which is dependant on the the health of the environment around us), the drivers of just about everything else that we need are time and money. 536 more words

Consumer Society

10 ways to be happier: and none of them involve making more money!

Imagine if you got everything you ever wanted?

Would everything you ever wanted – having endless money, great house, awesome car – really make you happier? 319 more words


Washington Irving, “Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle Gent.” (1802–1803)

There is nothing that seems more strange and preposterous to me than the manner in which modern marriages are conducted. The parties keep the matter as secret as if there was something disgraceful in the connexion.

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