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Who is this Queen Of Matching Everything?

I remember my mother throwing out a perfectly good sheet a few years ago.

I asked why.

“Because one of the sheets has a hole in it, so now this one doesn’t match anything,” she replied. 696 more words


Cracks in the system...replacing a dinnerset

My beautiful dinnerset that I received for my 21st birthday is on its last legs.

I did a stocktake of my plates yesterday, and found that, of the original twelve place settings, only four dinner plates remain unchipped. 515 more words


My NEW old car! :)

I have a NEW car!

Except it’s actually an old car. It’s a 1997 Starlet, inherited from my husband, who ended up buying himself a more modern car (a 2007 Demio) to replace… 509 more words


Hot City

City people are crouching in the hot weather. Yet business goes on. Hot weather, according to the experts, equals good weather and good weather leads to a positive mood – and a positive mood leads to increased impulse purchases. 32 more words


Off the Grid

As I sit here and type out my 3rd post for my brand new blog because I am, yet again, dealing with insomnia that just won’t quit, I notice that I have my laptop on my lap, my Nook by my foot, and my cell phone tucked under my leg…not to mention that I have a huge flat screen tv and a desktop computer in the same room! 451 more words


The seventies, the eighties, and what went wrong...

I remember the first time I saw an ATM machine.

I must have been about eleven or twelve. It was the early eighties, and I was amazed that you could just press a few buttons, and money would pop out of a slot in the wall at you. 611 more words


Buddha angry - Buddha break things!

Okay, I typically ignore what I know is usually on the magazine rack at my local cafe, passing by it completely on my way to examining the daily newspaper. 487 more words