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Christmas memories of simple Christmas joy

Have you noticed that, as society becomes less and less religious, Christmas is getting bigger and bigger and ever more expensive?

Every year, the papers encourage us to buy more, do more, spend more, eat more – as though somehow all of this will make Christmas more meaningful. 521 more words

Simple Living

Five steps of wisdom with The Project 333...

I’ve been doing the Project 333 for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS. It’s time for an update.

The Project 333 encourages us to whittle down our wardrobes to 33 items or less, then every 3 months re-assess, get rid of what we haven’t worn, and continue the process. 828 more words

Simple Living

Rabid Consumerism, Black Friday and the New 'Spirit of Christmas'...

If any new sign was needed (and it wasn’t) that we live in a viciously corporate-inspired, consumerist society, then the export of America’s “Black Friday”to the UK high street and the subsequently embarrassing scenes of shopping pandemonium serve as the definitive, rather ugly indictment. 775 more words
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Before I get knee deep into my thesis, I feel it necessary to do some unstructured writing for a bit. I realized that my writing has been so tightly bound since I started grad school- which could lead to the inability to unleash my wildly abstract, imaginative and subconscious mind. 393 more words


Blogging Challenge Day 12: Tithing?

Today’s task is about tithing and almsgiving. The fathers write extensively about almsgiving and very little about tithing, and when they do it is mainly referring to the Old Testament practice rather than anything done in the Church. 1,324 more words


Citizens or consumers? How about people?

“Irish people must understand that they are consumers” reads the mantra of Irish Water, the newest disaster overseen by the increasingly unpopular Fine Gael/Labour government. The debate, or more accurately the conflict, about water charges has come to a head today, as the government is rolling back on some of its more egregious decisions. 814 more words


Rise of the Consumer Society

Toronto may not want to talk about its “world-class” status so soon after being globally shamed by its own mayor, or having its long-outdated subway system turned into a political football and public spectacle during our municipal elections. 858 more words

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