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Hollow Busyness

Copyright 2015

Don Ray

“Hollow busyness”. That is my new watchword summarizing modern United States society. From the outside the “hollow busyness” always looks like so much substance. 121 more words


The Project 333: January 2015 update

I’ve been doing The Project 333 – a project in wardrobe minimalism – since August 2014.

I want to talk about my mistakes, what I’ve learned, and how I’m growing as a person from this very interesting and insightful challenge to my life. 680 more words

Voluntary Simplicity


I saw this impressive photo :http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/cat/3405/display/34008714 and wondered if I could do something from it,if I could catch the strong and determined feeling…Anyway at least I’ve tried…:) 43 more words


A question for the 'foodies'

(Please note: this post excludes discussion of class, ethnicity, gender, marginalised groups, and other important discussions of obesity and eating disorders for the purpose of simplicity on the topic of food). 662 more words

If I could design Christmas...

If I could design Christmas, this is what I’d do:

I’d keep the tree, the carols, the special meal.

I’d keep the goodwill, and I’d make it a holiday for everyone. 125 more words

Consumer Society

Fascinating doc on how consumer society was constructed!

Unfortunately, my Christmas break in Germany has started with me coming down with a relapse of the flu. As difficult as that is I know there couldn’t be a better place to be ill; with all the various health potions my sister has been sending my way I am bound to be back up and running again soon enough. 73 more words

A Wonderful Life

Christmas memories of simple Christmas joy

Have you noticed that, as society becomes less and less religious, Christmas is getting bigger and bigger and ever more expensive?

Every year, the papers encourage us to buy more, do more, spend more, eat more – as though somehow all of this will make Christmas more meaningful. 521 more words

Simple Living